A Beginners Guide When Choosing Plywood for Furniture
A Beginners Guide When Choosing Plywood for Interiors
Oct 28, 2022 | By: admin

Have you shifted to a new flat and want the best interiors for your home? If you are starting from the basics, you need proper guidance when going to purchase plywood for your interiors. The key to adding beauty to your home is not buying expensive artwork, the real trick lies within the basics of interior design. 

Plywood serves as the backbone of your furniture, which is made from timber cut down into pieces of wood sheets and attached using adhesive. It adds a touch of elegance to your interiors, making your home an abode of heaven to live in.

Are you looking for the best quality plywood for your furniture but confused about what to buy? Let us walk you through some of the points you should keep in mind while purchasing the same:




Always go for Branded Plywood:


Non-branded plywood comes with the uncertainty of quality. So, be aware of such things. Do check for certifications before opting for plywood for your interiors.


Opt for High-Quality Plywood: 

Low-quality plywood may cost you less but will not last long, or come armed with different features. The best quality plywood for furniture is worth buying as it will last for years. The plywood has different types of finish. As the grade level increases, the plywood bears fewer imperfections.


Choose the Correct Plywood: 


Different types of Plywood are suitable for respective places and weather conditions. The plywood offered by Greenply caters to the different needs of customers, is suited for living room, bedroom and kitchen furniture etc.




Plywood for the Living Room-

Greenply offers Green Gold / Green 710, which is boiling water-proof plywood, it works best for the living room. If you are looking for the best plywood for living room furniture, boiling water-proof plywood will top the list.


Plywood for Kitchen-

The kitchen is the place where the furniture gets exposed to both water and heat. Plywood for the kitchen area should be picked very carefully. Fire-retardant plywood is the most preferable one, as it saves you during any emergency. It ensures a delay in the spreading of fire and emits less smoke, saving you from losing consciousness due to inhalation of fumes. You will get an ample amount of time to save your life. Greenply offers Green Platinum which has 2x fire retardant properties, ensuring 2x protection during any fire emergency.




BWP plywood is also best suited for kitchen furniture as there is more usage of water in the kitchen area, and is also preferred for its superior quality. Here again, Greenply Green Platinum can be used, which comes with 2x boiling waterproof properties that have passed the boiling water test of 144 hours, making it an appropriate choice for making your kitchen cabinets.


Plywood for Bedroom:

When we talk about the plywood for bedrooms by Greenply, the Green club range is a range of superior quality structural grade plywood designed especially for the interiors of your home, which is perfect for sturdy & running wardrobes, bedrooms and other furniture, making your home designs stand out from the rest. 

This plywood also comes with E0 emission, which is beneficial for your health because the formaldehyde released from the other ordinary plywood may hamper your health, causing respiratory issues.




Always Go for a Trusted Dealer:

Even if you buy branded plywood, buy it from a trusted shop, as the shopper will not fool you with non-branded cheap-quality plywood. An authorised shop will provide you with genuine products at the correct price. They will not charge you more than the quality of the plywood. 


Greenply, a Trusted Brand :


Greenply is one of the best plywood brands, delivering quality plywood for ages. It offers zero-emission, fire-retardant, boiling waterproof, anti-termite and borer-proof plywood, which also comes with a money-back guarantee. Greenply has uplifted the standard of living of many customers, adding extraordinary glamour to the interiors.

The right kind of interior creates a welcoming environment. Therefore, if you are looking for home interior solutions, you’ve come to the right place.

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