BWP Grade Plywood Is the Best for Your Modular Kitchen
Why BWP Grade Plywood Is the Best for Your Modular Kitchen
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The role of the kitchen has transcended beyond just culinary endeavours. Today, it has evolved as a centre of socialisation- where families bond over decadent meals and ensue conversations and discourses. For these reasons, the trend of  kitchens has stoked the interests of many homebuyers as they serve three functions all at once- a) functionality b) utility and c) customisation. While a modular kitchen radiates a modern appeal to the overall interiors, its safety is of paramount importance. This is why it's ideal to install Marine Grade or Boiling Water Proof Plywood in your kitchen. Given that in the kitchen your furniture comes in contact with water often, BWP Plywood is known to resist huge amounts of water and moisture content. This is all the more reason why you should invest in the best BWP Plywood for your kitchen and furniture.



Why Choose BWP Plywood for Your Kitchen?


Choosing the best BWP Plywood can reap unparalleled benefits for your kitchen furniture and cabinets. Since the plywood can adjust to all kinds of weather conditions, you can seamlessly use it for various purposes.


Kitchen Countertops

The faucet is located either on or near the kitchen countertop. This makes the kitchen countertop susceptible to water and moisture quite often. When you build it with a BWP Plywood, it can resist water and prevent them from warping and damage.


Kitchen Cabinets

Water spillage is a really common occurrence in the kitchen. Sometimes, the faucet  pipes leak and flood the kitchen. The kitchen cabinets are the first ones to come in contact with water. This is why Marine Grade Plywood or BWP plywood should be the go-to-material for building the cabinets. The amount of money you would spend on drying the plywood or making it water-proof, you would save 3/4th of it if you just use a BWP Plywood from the start.



Shield from Vapours

Condensation from cooking is really a common phenomenon. These vapours, while they seem harmful, can pose a greater harm to furniture and wooden furnishings. This makes it all the more viable to opt for BWP Plywood as it safeguards your furniture from moisture and eliminates the process of delamination.


Added Strength

BWP Plywood is considered to be more durable and stronger than the rest of the plywood. This is because most of the BWP Plywood has passed the 72 hour Boiling Water Test. This explains why BWP Plywood is a perfect fit for your kitchen furniture.



Impedes Infestation Attack

As much as the kitchen is the place where we see our favourite recipes coming alive, it's also a breeding ground of pests. And some of these pests are invisible to the naked eye. Your furniture is a host for pests like borers and termites and the damage they can pose is insurmountable. This is why using a BWP Plywood can save you from shelling out money on infest control as they already come up with termite-resistance and borer proof properties. Thus, your kitchen furniture is marked safe from the attack of pests.



Greenply, India’s best plywood brand for your furniture, comes with a superior-quality range of BWP Plywood and boards.


These range includes


They bear characteristics like ViraShield Protection, durability, Anti-termite guarantee and Borer and Fungus proof and can be used for making cabinets, shelves, etc.

A kitchen is a place that nurtures feelings of intimacy and togetherness. As BWP Plywood finds its application in various aspects of the kitchen, your kitchen becomes safe and secured on all fronts, thus letting your loved ones relish in peace and happiness. To know more about Greenply's BWP offerings, visit its website.

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Protect kitchen plywood cabinets from damage using Greenply's BWP & fire-retardant plywood. This can prolong the life of the plywood cabinets and save money in the long run.