Our Pillars of Sustainability

25 Million
saplings planted
Industry's First
ESG Report
Sustainable Forest Management

Sustainability is at the heart of our commitment towards giving back to nature. From promoting plantations on marginal & degraded lands to forging regional partnerships to support perfect backward integration, our practices go beyond timber utilization. We pioneered Okoume, a sustainable substitute for forest timber, our novel introduction to the wood panel industry. Moreover, our agroforestry initiatives empower communities to grow hybrid eucalyptus trees, providing raw materials and livelihoods. We're committed to sustainability, protecting the environment, and improving communities. Together, let's create a greener and brighter future!

Conservation of Energy and Water Resources

As an environment-first conglomerate, we're dedicated to conserving energy and water resources. We optimize water usage in water-stressed areas, complying with regulations and employing RO-purified water for cooling towers, timber preservation, and boiler operations. Wastewater from our RO system replenishes groundwater through sprinklers, raising water tables near our plant.

In our quest for zero waste, we ensure the structural integrity of our plywood manufacturing process. Wood chips are converted into energy, eliminating wood waste, and side cutting and dust are used as fuel in our boilers. Our commitment extends to clean and renewable power sources, utilizing solar rooftops and wind energy.

Remarkably, we've saved 2,69,130 kgs of natural fuel by replacing steam coal with in-house waste for our boilers, reducing our carbon footprint. This benefits the environment and creates new revenue streams aligned with the circular economy.

Emission Management

Our commitment to environmental responsibility reflects in our revolutionary E-0 plywood, setting the benchmark in emission control. The Tizit factory houses a dedicated unit that manufactures this exceptional grade known for minimal formaldehyde emission. Carrying the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Certification from the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), their E-0 emission standard products guarantee superior indoor air quality for safe and healthy breathing. In 2020, they proudly launched CARB-certified Zero Emission plywood, solidifying their dedication to global environmental compliance. Additionally, Greenply actively tackles climate change through sustainable forest management and plantation activities, reducing emissions & ensuring a greener future.

Greenply is committed to climate change mitigation through their sustainable forest management and plantation activities

Promoting sustainable consumption and production, as well as combating deforestation by following responsible practices

Enforcing measures towards biodiversity management to safeguard operations from any foreseeable regulations or opposition by community ensure biodiversity preservation

Emphasis on renewable and clean energy and reducing energy intensity to reduce our environmental footprint

Nurturing ethical practices while carrying out our sourcing operations. All timber for Greenply comes from agroforestry

Greenply invests €11 million in timber unit in Africa

Greenply Industries Ltd., a major company in the organised plywood industry, has made an initial investment of €11 million (around ₹941 million) in a manufacturing unit in Gabon in West Africa. The facility comprises a 96,000 cubic metre capacity for making Okoume Timber face veneers on 10 hectares in a special economic zone, using the

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