Reasons to Pick the Best Plywood for Your Furniture
Reasons to Pick the Plywood for Your Furniture
Oct 22, 2022 | By: admin

Stunning furniture made from quality plywood can transform the complete look of your interiors. But the main concern is the material from which the furniture is made as that can get damaged due to low quality.

Before choosing the right plywood for your furniture, you should focus more on its structural characteristics than its aesthetic value. Focusing on structural quality increases the lifespan of your gorgeous furniture made with love and care.




Dress up your interiors and make a perfect investment by buying furniture that will add an extraordinary touch to your home.


What is Plywood?


Plywood is made by joining together thin veneer sheets with the help of resin under high pressure. It is preferred because of its affordability over wood, and it looks exactly like a block of wood.  

Plywood comes with durability and attractiveness. Builders and architects are now shifting towards plywood instead of solid wood. Before picking up the right kind of plywood, you should know about the advantages of using plywood.


Why Choose Plywood over Solid Wood?


A Sumptuous Look: 

For plywood, you can simply give it a veneer finish and make it look gorgeous. Plywood can be moulded into different shapes to make furniture that adds beauty to your interiors. There are numerous designs available in the market in terms of plywood, as compared to solid wood.



Most of our furniture is made from plywood or engineered wood. There is more use for plywood because most of us cannot afford the price of real wood and go for plywood which can be made decorative according to your preference. You can give a stylish look and a posh feel to your interiors at an affordable price.




Solid wood has a low supply because of ecological concerns. The forest reserves control the wood supply and have kept it limited, keeping the environmental factors in mind. It has become one of the important reasons for plywood taking the front seat and replacing solid wood in the furniture market.


Easy to Shift : 

While you shift to other places, furniture made of plywood is a smart choice because plywood is lighter than ordinary wood. Wood can split easily, but plywood has a non-splitting property due to its cross-sectional surface. It helps it to stay for a longer period of time without getting damaged.


Lesser Cracks:

Plywood is less likely to crack or shrink as compared to ordinary wood. Cracks in your furniture can easily damage the furniture and diminish its beauty.


Keeps Termite & Borer at Bay: 

Wood can get easily damaged because of the termites and borers. On the other hand, plywood is chemically treated, protecting it from the harmful attacks of borers and termites, which ultimately increases its longevity.


Pick the Best Plywood According to Suitability


Plywood for Kitchen Furniture:

The boiling waterproof and fire-retardant plywood are the best plywood for kitchen furniture. Our kitchen is an important part of the house where there is more usage of water and fire. So you can opt for either boiling waterproof ply or fire-retardant ply. It will limit the calamities caused due to fire hazards.




Plywood for Living Room: 

For your living rooms, you have the option to go for marine grade and fire-retardant plywood. The marine grade plywood serves well with every season, be it any bad weather conditions. The fire-retardant plywood saves you during fire emergencies ensuring slow spreading of fire and less smoke emission.



A First Choice by the Furniture Makers & Customers


The Plywood by Greenply, one of the best plywood manufacturers for furniture in India is here to stay and rule the home furniture industry. When it comes to furniture, plywood is the best option for your living room, bedroom and kitchen. At the end of the day, we hope you go home buying the best plywood for making stunning furniture that makes you stand out from your neighbours.

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Protect kitchen plywood cabinets from damage using Greenply's BWP & fire-retardant plywood. This can prolong the life of the plywood cabinets and save money in the long run.