Green Platinum - 2X Fire Retardant, 2X BWP Grade, E0 Plywood

Introducing GREEN PLATINUM with PEN Technology

Every home serves as a reflection of perfection. But isn’t it natural for your plywood to follow suit? Fusing the essence of utility, functionality and safety, our latest innovation is all set to change the game. Introducing Green Platinum Plywood. Enriched with PEN Tech (Phosphate Enriched Nanoparticle), the protective mesh on the plywood’s surface as well as its inside layers renders it two times more fire retardant. It is also two times more effective in delaying the spread of fire. As per IS Standard, regular fire-retardant plywood with IS:5509 has been prescribed to use BWR resin whereas Green Platinum uses an un-extended BWP resin thus passing the 72 hours boiling water test against 24 hrs of BWR resin. Hence, it is 2X more boiling waterproof than regular BWR grade plywood. Green Platinum is backed with a promise of quality with 30 years warranty. Get a 2X money-back guarantee in case of manufacturing defects. Similarly, it also comes with a promise of safety. Being E-0 certified and fortified with Virashield, Green Platinum adheres to our signature of zero-emission products. Don’t forget the remarkable anti-termite guarantee coupled with borer and fungus-proof properties. After all, a safe choice is a smart choice. Embrace 2X the value and protection with Green Platinum.

About PEN Technology

Three things are needed for fire: fuel, oxygen and heat. Wood serves as the fuel for a fire. When exposed to heat, the cellulose and lignins that comprise wood produce flammable gases that combine with oxygen to feed and expand the fire. PEN Technology forms a layer on the ply surface that acts as a barrier, restricting oxygen to come in contact with wood and delaying the spread of fire. These Nanoparticles upon infusing through the core of plywood form a mesh-like structure with the fiber of wood that forms a strong shield which breaks the combustion cycle. PEN delays fire to penetrate through the plywood layers. This 2X layer protection makes Green Platinum superior to other fire-retardant plywood available in the market as it allows more time to deploy fire control measures.

Green Platinum 2X Claim Demonstration

Key Features

2X fire resistant plywood:

It delays the spread of fire by 2 times more than any other Fire-Retardant Plywood (As per the test report released by Indian Plywood Industries Training Research Institute report)

2X water proof plywood:

An IS:5509 certified fire-retardant plywood, the Green Platinum Plywood has successfully passed the 72 hours boiling water test

2X money-back guarantee:

It comes with a 2x money-back guarantee policy against any manufacturing defects

2X Fire Resistant

2X Waterproof

2X Money Back Guarantee

Zero Emission Plywood

2X Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is the best plywood brand in India for home and kitchen and what thickness should be used?

The entire range of Greenply plywood and boards can be used extensively for different home and kitchen applications as they are manufactured to best suit the purpose. Kitchen is a place which is always exposed to fire & water. Green Platinum is a perfect fit for your kitchen as it is 2X superior plywood that meets the IS:5509 standard of a FR grade plywood powered by advanced PEN Technology to ensure it delays the spread of fire by 90 minutes emitting less smoke, twice effective than any other FR grade plywood. It also passes the 144 hours boiling water test making it 2X Waterproof plywood. Moreover, Green Platinum conforms to E-0 formaldehyde emission levels ensuring safe indoors. What more can one ask for?

Are there any fire-resistant plywood brands in India? If yes, which do you recommend?

Yes, there are various other FR grade materials available in the market. But one should go for a branded plywood that meets or exceeds the standard set by BIS. Apart from being a trusted brand meeting FR grade standard, one should also ensure it conforms to E-0 formaldehyde emission levels to ensure indoors is safe from any toxic emissions leading to adverse health issues.
We recommend Green Platinum, it is not only IS:5509 (FR Standard) certified but also exceeds IS standards by 2 times, it delays fire by 2 times, exhibits 2X waterproof property, emits less smoke and conforms to negligible or zero emission.

What kind of wood is ideal for kitchen cabinets?

Any kind of fire-resistant grade and water-proof grade material is best for kitchen cabinets and shelves.

How is Green Platinum different from other fire-retardant plywood?

Green Platinum is different from other fire-retardant plywood as it is powered by the advanced PEN technology that delays the spread of fire by 90 minutes, which is two times the rate of any other fire-retardant plywood and emits less smoke in comparison to other materials to prevent suffocation or breathing difficulty.

What is PEN technology?

PEN Tech is an advanced formula that has been first introduced in the new FR grade Green Platinum plywood. This technology forms a protective mesh like structure between the layers as well as on the ply surface, serving as a barrier that restricts the interaction between oxygen and wood that helps to break the combustion cycle. Enhanced with Phosphate Enriched Nanoparticles, Green Platinum delays the spread of fire by two times the rate of any other fire-retardant plywood.

How much does fire retardant plywood cost?

There are various fire-retardant plywood available in the market ranging from Rs 130 to 140 per square feet but the actual price can vary from market to market.

Apart from fire retardant and water-resistant properties what other features can be found in Green Platinum?

Apart from being a fire resistant and water proof grade material, Green Platinum provides 2X Money Back warranty for 30 years. It is as per CARB grade of E-0 which means it has negligible formaldehyde emission levels along with being borer and fungus proof with anti-termite guarantee. It is fortified with Virashield killing 99.9% bacteria and 99.7% virus and manufactured using the 4 Press Technology to ensure maximum precision and smooth finish material.

What warranty does Green Platinum have?

Green Platinum comes with 30 years warranty on manufacturing defect. It also comes with 2 times money back promise – if there is any defect detected in the manufacturing of the material delivered, one can get 2 times the value of the defective plywood or the furniture, whichever is lower. It also comes protected against borer & fungus attack with an anti-termite guarantee.

What tests has it undergone?

Green Platinum has been extensively tested at our own R&D facility & the same has been validated by IPIRTI, the only Government technical plywood body of India.
Technically any FR grade plywood passes through 3 types of tests viz Flame Penetration, Rate of Burning & Flammability.

What is the benefit of using Green Platinum over other products?

Green Platinum is by far superior than other same grade products available at similar prices as it surpasses the feature expectations, prioritising the health & safety of consumers in mind.

Why should you choose GreenPly Products?

for safer indoor
air quality

Kills 99.9% virus &
99.7% Bacteria

Borer and fungus proof
anti-termite guarantee

For best quality Defect free product