Applications Where Boiling Waterproof Plywood Plays Well
Applications Where Waterproof Plywood Plays Well Than Anything
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For a long time, plywood has found its use in kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets, furniture, and other interior spaces. Owing to this versatility, plywood still prevails as a popular, sought-after choice for construction purposes. While it is true that plywood exhibits a fair kind of strength and durability, it is also prone to external threats. Especially from water. Water has the propensity to cause permanent damage to the plywood in the long term. When the plywood comes in close contact with water for an extended period, it swells and loses its shape causing layers of wood to split apart. Therefore to avoid this hassle, it is best to opt for a boiling waterproof marine plywood.


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Exploring the Various Aspects of a Boiling Waterproof Marine Plywood


For starters, boiling waterproof plywood is also known as marine grade plywood. BWP is a category of plywood that can stand against prolonged exposure to moisture without affecting its overall quality and ability. These are the three most common places where BWP marine plywood is widely used.



Docks are basically shipyards where big boats and ships go for repairing, loading, and unloading. This means that the docks are at constant exposure to water. The waterproof plywood stands as an excellent choice for dock projects. This plywood is built with great structural integrity that can resist massive amounts of moisture and water content for a long period. It can also withstand rot and warping and can last long without many years of treatment.



Boats have to spend their life on the water throughout their life cycles. Thus, it becomes imperative that they are constructed of a plywood material that can withstand the challenges that watery conditions inflict on them. These include rotting and leakages in the boats that ultimately hinder their utility. The waterproof plywood comes across as a feasible option for constructing the boats. It provides great resistance to all the plausible damages and leaks that waters can bring on them apart from being very water-resistant.


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Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchen and bathrooms are perhaps the most vulnerable spaces in your homes as they are susceptible to long-term damages caused by water and moisture. Steam and water used in cooking can damage the quality of wood over the course of time. Similarly, bathrooms also experience sink or toilet overflows and moisture from showers that can cultivate issues of warping, mold, and rot. Using waterproof plywood mitigates the chances of warping, rotting, or molding when they are exposed to moisture for longer durations.


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Best Range of Boiling Waterproof Plywood Available in Greenply


Now that we have discussed the applications of boiling waterproof plywood, let us also discuss where to buy the plywood from. When it comes to buying the right kind of plywood, you should give first priority to the trademark and reputation of the plywood brand. 

Greenply, one of the popular and venerable brands in India, offers a substantial range of top-notch and versatile boiling waterproof marine grade plywood. These marine grade plywood can withstand boiling water for up to 72 hours. Emphasizing high quality and precision, it boasts some of the best-selling boiling waterproof plywood that comes with Virashield protection and is protected against borer, termite, and fungus.


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Green 710 Plywood: This plywood displays great flexural strength and endurance to weather and water conditions. Best fitted for bathrooms and kitchens, it also conforms to E-0 emission norms and comes with a warranty of 252 months.


Green Gold Platinum: It is a certified IS 710 grade BWP plywood that also conforms to E-0 emission norms. With international approval from CARB (California Air Resources Board), it protects the quality of indoor air and ensures you breathe easy.


Green Club Plus Seven Hundred: It is India’s first zero-emission plywood. It conforms to IS:10701 structural grade with fire retardant properties as per IS 5509. It offers dual protection from fire and bad indoor air quality.


Optima G BWP Plywood: It meets the criteria of marine ply. It can accommodate the damages and threats of water and moisture. And even better, it comes with a warranty period of 252 months.


Ecotec Platinum 710 BWP Plywood: The calibrated plywood is manufactured with selected hardwood species with 100% composed core. It meets the parameters of a marine ply as it protects your furniture from moisture and weather changes.


Nowadays, owing to innovation, technological developments, and changing consumer needs, Greenply’s boiling waterproof plywood conforms to E-0 (zero-emission) emissions as per European standards to ensure safer spaces indoors.

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Protect kitchen plywood cabinets from damage using Greenply's BWP & fire-retardant plywood. This can prolong the life of the plywood cabinets and save money in the long run.