Reasons You Must Opt for Affordable BWP Grade Plywood
Reasons You Must Opt for Affordable BWP Grade Plywood
Dec 16, 2021 | By: admin

Plywood has always been the frontrunner when it comes to building your furniture. While the market is interspersed with different choices of plywood products, making the right choice is very important. Consumers choose plywood based on their requirements and budget. The most popular plywood right now in the market is BWP Grade Plywood, also known as the Marine Grade Plywood


marine grade plywood


You will find that Marine Ply is used for the construction of ships, boats that require higher endurance against water for long periods. Let us now delve more deeply into what BWP Plywood is, why it is the ideal choice for your furniture, and most importantly what qualifies as the best boiling waterproof plywood in India.


What is BWP Grade Plywood?


Boiling Water Proof or BWP is a category of plywood that can tolerate prolonged exposure to water and moisture without compromising its overall quality and durability. This is why it's majorly used in the construction of kitchen cabinets & washroom wardrobes, under-basin storage racks, etc. Other qualities that make BWP Grade Plywood the most sought-after and superior product in the market are:


bwp grade plywood


Strength: BWP Grade Plywood is one of the toughest plywoods available in the market. The reason why BWP is so strong is that its strength comes from the kind of raw materials used in the making of the plywood. Most of its plywood sheets are made of top-quality raw materials, plies, undiluted resins, adhesives, etc. 


Termite resistance: BWP Plywood displays high resistance towards termites and borers owing to its adhesives and additives.


Cost: BWP is generally considered affordable than most of the other plywood products. But it ranks high on quality and resilience.


Which is the Best BWP Grade Plywood Brand in India?


Greenply, one of the leading and trusted plywood suppliers in India, offers a range of plywood materials. Boasting top-notch quality, versatility, strength, and precision, Greenply Plywood finds its use in wardrobes, cabins, tables, and shelves, etc. Apart from bearing technological advancements and certification, plywood products come in varying thicknesses and value added features.


bwp marine grade plywood


If you are looking for the best BWP Plywood in India, look no further. Some of the best-sellers are as follows:


Green 710 Plywood:

The Green Marine Grade conforms to IS 710 grade plywood with great flexural strength that can endure extreme harsh weather conditions and climatic changes. Striving to create a balance between quality and durability of your interiors, this plywood is best suited for kitchen, bathroom or outdoor spaces. What’s even better - it comes with a warranty of 252months*. 


Green Gold Platinum:

Green Gold Platinum BWP Plywood is a certified IS 710 grade plywood that conforms to E-0 formaldehyde emission standards. This product comes with international approval from the California Air Resources Board (CARB). It safeguards the indoor air quality of your home so that your loved ones can breathe easy and stay healthy. 


Green Club Plus Seven Hundred:

Recognised as India’s first zero-emission plywood, Green Club Plus Seven Hundred is a BWP grade plywood that meets structural as per IS 10701 cum fire retardant parameters as per IS 5509, offering an overall protection to the house from fire or even poor indoor air quality.


Optima G BWP Plywood:

Optima G BWP Plywood is a water-proof plywood that safeguards your furniture against the threats of water or moisture. It comes with a warranty of 252 months and meets the criterias of marine ply.


Ecotec Platinum 710 BWP Plywood:

When you want to safeguard your furniture from extreme weather conditions, choose Ecotec Platinum 710 BWP Plywood. Calibrated and made from selected hardwood species with a composed core, it meets all the parameters of a marine ply.


boiling water proof plywood



Your home deserves the best and BWP Grade Plywood is best suited for your furniture as it not only meets quality but offers health safe products. Choose from the wide array of marine or BWP plywood offered by Greenply, the leading and trusted brand in the interior space. To know more, visit the website.

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Protect kitchen plywood cabinets from damage using Greenply's BWP & fire-retardant plywood. This can prolong the life of the plywood cabinets and save money in the long run.