A Step Towards Safer Homes: 2X Fire Retardant Plywood
A Step Towards Safer Homes: 2X Fire Retardant Plywood
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As the fire started to spread to the walls, Ajay knew he had to act fast. He grabbed his children and raced towards the door, hoping to escape from his house before it went up in flames. But as he reached for the doorknob, he felt the scorching heat and realized the door was too hot to touch. Just then, the firefighters came to the rescue, broke down the door and saved Ajay and his family. To his relief, in hindsight he realised how the door made from  plywood had held up against the blaze for a long time, buying his family enough time to escape. From that day on, Ajay knew that he had taken the step towards safer homes by investing in raw materials that were fire-retardant.


In India, accidental fires are a common unfortunate occurrence, leading to loss of life and property. According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), in 2021, India recorded 1.6 million fire accidents, with 27,027 innocent lives lost. Despite taking precautions, accidents still happen and frequently result in enormous losses. To put matters into perspective, it equates to around 4400 instances per day which should be enough to raise nationwide fire safety concerns. 


However, there have been recent advancements in plywood, especially in its property to increase fire-retardancy timeline that can prevent many such fire-related accidents in Indian homes. Greenply’s Green Platinum resists fire for up to 90 minutes as opposed to 45 minutes provided by the usual fire-retardant plywood. The use of these latest & advanced 2X fire-retardant plywood can bring a real change in building safe and secure homes.


What Are the 5 Ways to Prevent Fires?




Prevention is indeed better than cure and there are no two ways about it. In this segment, we’ll discuss not two, but rather five such crucial ways we can adopt to promote a culture of prevention rather than a post-accident cure, especially in the space of fire fatalities. 

Let’s dive into how fire-resistant plywood can help us make prevention & safety a burning reality.


Slows Down the Spread of Fire

Fire-resistant (FR) plywood can resist flames for longer periods than regular plywood, which slows down the spread of fire. This can provide additional time for people to evacuate the building and for firefighters to arrive and extinguish the fire.


Reduces Smoke Emission

Toxic fumes generated in the event of even a small fire can be quite fatal. E-0 (FR) plywood not only reduces smoke emissions during a fire but improves indoor air quality in general as it emits the least amount of formaldehyde (3mg of formalin in 100 gms of plywood). By eradicating the chances of eye irritation & possible lung ailments apart from improving visibility, it assures better health for consumers.


Limits the Damage Caused by Fire

FR plywood can prevent flames from penetrating and damaging the material, which can limit the extent of the damage caused by the fire.

Greenply’s Green Platinum comes with the revolutionary PEN Tech technology that adds a protective mesh between the layers as well as on the surface of plywood, rendering it two times more fire resistant. 

This can also make it easier and more cost-effective to repair and rebuild the affected areas.


Increased Structural Integrity



Fire-resistant plywood can also maintain the structural integrity of a building during a fire, which can help prevent the collapse of the building and reduce the risk of injury or death. Green Platinum uses the 4 Press Technique to guarantee a flawless finish, better strength, maximum precision, and uniform thickness.


Meets Building Codes and Regulations

Fire-resistant plywood also meets certain regulations & standards, such as in high-rise buildings, hospitals, schools, and other public buildings. By using fire-resistant plywood, builders can ensure that they are meeting these requirements and creating a safer environment for building occupants.


Bring Home the Power of Platinum




Fire is the home of all our needs, a hearth that has warmed us through the ages. It’s been our constant companion since the dawn of humanity. It’s been a friend and foe that on one hand made life easier for mankind and on the other carried the power to decimate everything on its path. 

But no more, as now twice the usual fire retardancy is available in Green Platinum riding high on the science of plywood!

One of the best interior infrastructure companies in India, Greenply, has come up with Green Platinum Plywood with 2X fire resistance. It is not your everyday run-of-the-mill fire-resistant plywood; it's a revolutionary product backed by science that paves the way for safer homes. Ignite the possibilities of curating safer spaces that include PEN (Phosphate Enriched Nano Particle) Technology at no additional cost.


How Does the Technology Work in Reality?




A fire typically needs three things to start: fuel, oxygen, and heat. The fire starts using wood as a fuel source. As the cellulose and lignins in the wood combine with the oxygen in the air and aid in the spread of the fire when it is heated, it produces flammable gases when exposed to heat. By forming a barrier, PEN Technology slows the spread of fire from one layer of wood to another and keeps oxygen from coming into contact with wood.

With its 2X fire resistance, it offers twice the amount of protection as compared to other plywood brands in the market. The increased fire resistance of Green Platinum plywood ensures that your home is safeguarded against unexpected fires.

Not only that, but Green Platinum also offers 2X money back with a 30-year warranty, and is 2X waterproof having passed a test in which it was submerged in boiling water for 144 hours. Lastly, it also safeguards against termites, borer, and fungi.

Greenply does not just have Green Platinum up its sleeve but also has Green Club 700 & Green Club 5 Hundred (partial resistance to fire) accentuating the glory & sheen of this elite club.


Final Reflections

A product of innovation in technology, Green Platinum includes advanced fire-retardant plywood durability, strength, and resilience. Read the details on the Green Platinum product page or WhatsApp Green Platinum at 70444 46966 to learn more about this latest innovation.

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