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Waterproof, fire retardant, and economical, Green Ndure PVC/WPC Boards promises to make your living space wholesome & appealing. Its ease of use & installation makes it a suitable choice for interior décor. Efficient and eco-friendly, it finds widespread application across sectors and also reduces the impact on the environment. What's more, these boards are lead-free that makes it non-toxic, assuring the safety of everyone. 

India’s largest interior infrastructure company, we at Greenply are equipped to offer the best structural products such as plywood, blockboard, flush doors, veneers, etc. Be it plywood sheets or PVC/WPC boards, we have always emerged as the first choice for spaces. With innovation and technology at our core, we strive to create products that are made to fit the evolving needs of customers. By choosing us at Greenply, you get products with a promise of both quality and longevity.

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Termite Proof

Fire Retardant 

Water Proof

Anti-bacterial & Anti-fungal

Lead-Free makes it non-toxic and family-friendly



Modular Kitchen 

Office Spaces


Wall Panels




Sustainibility is more important than just a beautifully designed interior space. That's precisely why Green Ndure PVC/WPC boards comes with the double promise of aesthetic appeal and durability. These boards are lead-free, making it environment-friendly and comes in varying densities - Green Ndure Marbbele 0.47 g/cm3,Green Ndure Premium 0.55 g/cm3 & Green Ndure Premium Plus 0.62 g/cm3.

Size 6mm 12mm 25mm 30mm
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