Hindustan Ki Shaan Awards - Honouring Carpenters & Contractors




Cash Prize

Evaluation criteria

Solving a consumer problem through design customization

Providing greater value to consumer

Undertaking sustainability/ environment care initiatives

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Entry deadline for Hindustan ki shaan awards is now closed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who all are eligible to take part in Hindustan Ki Shaan Awards ?

Participation in Hindustan Ki Shaan Awards is open to all craftsmen (Contractors/carpenters) working in woodpanel/Interior furniture industry across India

What details need to be submitted to take part in the same?

  • A detailed write up/description on the project
  • The following documents need to be uploaded as supporting documents – 4-5 pictures of the site/ furniture with accompanying write up for the same including site address and client details
  • Photo id of the nominee
  • Recognition from any external body for the same work if any
  • Articles/ newspaper coverage of any social/sustainability initiative undertaken

What are the criteria of selection?

  • Ability to solve a consumer problem through design customization/innovation
  • Ability to provide greater value to consumer (like addressing space crunch, budget constraint etc.)
  • Ability to undertake sustainability/social initiatives

How can I submit my nomination?

    There are 3 mode of submitting nomination as follows:
  • Website – upload the duly filled nomination form on https://www.greenply.com/hindustan-ki-shaan-awards
  • Email - You can email the duly filled nomination form along with all supporting at hks@greenply.com
  • Courier - Send duly filled nomination form along with all supporting on following address Marketing Department, Greenply Industries Limited, D 1401/1402, Lotus Corporate Park, Ram Mandir Road, Near Jay Coach, Goregaon, Mumbai - 400063

Is it necessary that a single interior project/job work should cover all the 2 award nomination criteria?

No, it is not necessary that a single project should cover all the above 3 criteria for nomination. One entry can also have 3 different projects/jobs/initiatives ( 1 each explaining/covering award criteria)

What are the gratifications?

    Winners will get the following:
  • Trophy
  • Certificate
  • Cash Prize

How many winners are going to be adjudged?

A total of 5 winners to be adjudged with one national level winner – HKS Craftsmen of the Year and 4 zonal level winners – HKS Craftsmen of the Year – North, South, East & West.

Can I upload multiple entries?

Multiple entries from a single carpenter/ contractor will not be entertained.

Can I enter the contest without providing image(s) to illustrate my entry?

No. Relevant images are required to consider your participation in the contest. This could be a drawing, diagram, photo, or any other visual aid to help the judges. The illustration(s) must complement the descriptive text. A generic photo or photo of the entrant will be rejected. Entries without any associated images will be disqualified. The image(s) must be uploaded and submitted with the Entry Form. You must have ownership of or authorization to use the images you submit. Stock photos may not be used

Is it possible to include photos of a prototype model in my contest submission?

Yes. Any type of image, including photos of prototypes, videos, can be submitted, provided they are genuine and in one of the valid image formats indicated on the Entry Form.

What are the terms and conditions to participating in this?

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