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Which Plywood Brand Is the Best in India?

Greenply is one of the best plywood brands in India. It offers varied quality & grades of plywood that have a plethora of features. It is the first one to introduce E-0 (zero emission) plywood in India and also the first Indian company in the wood & panel industry to receive the FSC-FM certification for its sustainable forest management practices.

Which is the Best Veneer Brand in India?

Greenply stands as one of the best veneer brands in the Indian market, with products that add a hint of elegance and luxury to your interiors. Our wooden veneers are made from exotic species, picked from across the world, giving your furniture a flawless finish for a premium look.

Which Company’s Plywood Is Best for Flush Doors in India?

Among other plywood & door manufacturing companies in India, Greenply is considered one of the best flush door brands in India as it provides supreme quality plywood. 

Greenply’s BWP grade doors come with strength and dimensional stability that offers weather-resistant properties along with utmost protection and privacy, making it the one to go for.

Which One is Better Between Plywood and Blockboard?

There is a difference in their manufacturing as well as application. Plywood is made of layers of wood pressed together. On the other hand, Blockboard is made of batten of seasoned timber. Doors, window panels, and partitions are preferably made from blockboard whereas plywood can be used to make both interior and exterior furniture.

Which Plywood is the Best for Doors?

For interior as well as exterior doors, go for BWP-grade plywood like Green 710, Green Optima G. This feature is the most sought-after for use in commercial spaces as they are strong and can withstand harsh weather conditions for years. You can find a range of sturdy flush doors from Greenply.

Can Plywood Be Used for the Main Door of a House?

Yes, the main door of your house can be made of plywood. You can opt for Green Club doors that are eco-friendly, boiling waterproof, and can withstand wear and tear with their sturdiness providing you with the utmost protection. It has high impact resistance to outperform knocking and slamming ensuring double security.

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