How to Use Blue White Combination in Your Home Decor?
Jan 01, 2019 | By: admin

Decorating your house in cool colors brings a certain sense of serenity and calmness in the house. When it comes to cool colors there’s no better combination than blue and white. Both are peaceful, calm, and relaxing. Despite being a classic combination, it is endlessly versatile and makes every house look fresh and effortlessly sophisticated.
Here are some decorating ideas with blue and white combinations, so get inspired to do your house:
1)A dose of calmness: If you wish to infuse a dash of coastal blue without going overboard then use blue accents and furniture that would stand out in the backdrop of pearl white/off-white walls. For a calming effect, choose softer hues of blues and whites.
Infuse the magic of clarity and simplicity with Plywood furniture pieces
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Plywood furniture
2) Make a statement: Who says blue cannot be bold? A pairing of deep shades of blue and white can be bold and yet very elegant. The best way to make any room look crisp and buoyant is to paint the walls deep blue. The furniture in that room can be in the combination of white and darker hues of blue. Use golden, silver and white wall accents that stand out in the backdrop of the deep blue walls. Classic blue and white ceramic vases are the easiest decor items to introduce in any house. To break the color palette, use a patterned or a textured rug or a plywood bookshelf. For bookshelves, you can check our GREEN CLUB PLUS PLYWOOD - an IS 10701 Certified Product here
Plywood for  sofa
3) Sleep like a baby: Blue and white look wonderful together in a bedroom, lending it a sense of serenity and breeziness. The easiest way to infuse this combination into your bedroom is to opt for layering bedding in blue and white.
Plywood for bed
4) For a spa-like feel: Blue and white wallpapers in geometric patterns make one feel relaxed the way a good spa does. A blue and white wallpaper adorning the bathroom along with a white plywood sanitaryware exudes spa-like energy, making you feel taking a dip in the bathtub with way too many bubbles. You can also decorate your bathroom with bold white sculptural shapes. If you have a small bathroom, go for lighter hues of blue to give an illusion of space. Bathroom furnishings like towels, shower curtains, bathroom accessories can be in the shades of lighter blues. 
Plywood shelf5) Give your kitchen a pleasant makeover: For an exquisite vintage charm, get your kitchen cabinets done in shades of blue — you can opt for turquoise, teal, and aqua. You can keep the walls and the kitchen doors white. White dangling lights, plywood paneling, and wooden countertops would add edginess to the whole appearance of your kitchen. A blue and white floral tablecloth will just make your house Instagram-worthy. For paneling, you can explore our decorative veneers such as THETFORD and WHINFELL
Plywood table
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