Top 5 Interior Designing Trends To Watch Out For In 2022
Top 5 Interior Designing Trends To Watch Out For In 2022
Feb 28, 2022 | By: admin

Your home is your own personal canvas where you enjoy immense freedom to experiment with new design and interior fads. These trends attempt to give prominence to both design and harmony of your space. This year the interior decor industry brings to you a mixed bag of surprises. Some old trends like natural wood veneer sheets and DIY’s are still here to stay. But some new trends have emerged that have prompted the interest of homebuyers. Moreover, they are bound to revamp your interiors and bring a breath of fresh air to your spaces.


DIY’s are Still in Rage


It's only recently that interior design has witnessed a massive explosion in DIY trends. DIY or Do-it-Yourself techniques have proved to be efficient and innovative as people experiment with creativity to bring out the best in their decor. The best thing about DIY’s is that most of the ideas are doable and do not cost heavy on pockets. Even on social media, you will find many interior designers churning out DIY reels as people take inspiration from them to execute them in their homes. From designs, accessories, furniture to restoration pieces, DIY’s are predicted as the next big thing in interior decor.



Sustainability is The Way Forward


Sustainable living has taken precedence among so many modern homebuyers. And rightly so. With talks about climate change taking up global discussions, people are realising the importance of environmental conservation. More and more people are prioritising towards adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. This lifestyle habit has nudged many big plywood brands into developing a sustainable plywood. Therefore, it's not just decor or design, but plywood too that is becoming eco-friendly. Take for example, Greenply, one of India’s leading plywood brands, sources 97% of its sheets from plantation timber and has the coveted FSC-FM certification for undertaking sustainable forest management practices, becoming the first brand in the panels industry in India to receive this recognition.



More Experimentation with Kitchens and Bathrooms


This year, it has been observed that people are drifting towards modular kitchens and bathrooms. They are keen on replacing the traditional, conventional kitchens and bathrooms with more modern, unique designs. What’s even more fascinating is that people are invested in building their kitchen and bathrooms with alternative materials that balances both aesthetic and protection such as PVC. Click here to take a look at the range of PVC Boards available at Greenply.


pvc boards for kitchen bathrooms


Wood Veneer Finish Furniture is Here to Stay


Wood has become the undisputed building material for furniture. And why not? Wooden furniture exudes a distinct charm and warmth that makes your house seem homely and inviting. On top of that when you add a veneer finish to your furniture, it further accentuates and enhances the appeal of your living spaces. If you are looking for the best range of natural wood veneer sheets for furniture then Greenply offers a beautiful range of veneers.

The natural wood veneers are sourced from exotic wood species with distinct grains and texture. They are versatile in nature as they blend in easily with your interiors and elevate its appearance. Under Wood Crrests, there are several varieties like Fumed Nouveau, Deco Real, etc. So, now choose the one that fits your decor and evokes a sense of finesse.


Wood Veneer Finish Furniture


Colours Will Make a Huge Difference


Colour therapy has attracted the attention of many homebuyers. This is because people are paying serious attention to the ongoing conversations of mental health. As colours are shown to bring a positive impact to one’s mental health. The colours that are making a big impression this year consist of ochres, burnt oranges and sky blues that blend with the natural elements of your home. They are perhaps an interesting and affordable way to liven up your interiors.

One thing is for sure, these trends in no way compromise your sense of comfort and relaxation. So get going to adorn your abode in elegance with these 5 gorgeous trends and watch your home transform into an arcade of unabashed vibrancy and exclusivity. To know about more ways and materials to refurbish your interiors, visit the Greenply website blog section for regular updates on latest trends and interior decor practices.

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