Add Color to Your Living Room with Furnished Furniture
Top 10 Ways To Add Color To Your Living Room
Jun 17, 2016 | By: admin

Colors can instantly jazz up your home. Whether it is on the walls or floors, colors when strategically used, can transform any boring space into an interesting one. Here are 10 ways to spice up your living room with colors:

1. Choose a Wallpaper with Vibrant Hues
Add wow factor to your living room by choosing a vibrant colored wallcover for just one wall. Keep the other walls subdued. Check Greenteriors wallcovers on

Plywood furniture

2. Use Colorful Pillows
Colorful and bright pillows strategically placed on sofa, couch or beds look good. If the sofa cover in your living room is floral, then select bold colors for the pillows. You can use patterned pillows to add a splash of colour to the space.

3. Think Flowers
Nothing can accentuate your living room like flowers. Decorate a vase with colorful fragrant flowers or keep flower pots with delicate blooms such as forget-me-not and African violets. Plants and foliage are a great way to bring nature indoors.  

4. Keep Colorful Decorative Pieces
In case you have a traditional living room, add a colorful touch by keeping a vibrant lampshade. Try turning your normal lamp shade interesting by adding colorful add-ons such as ribbons, frills, and beads to it. Give an interesting touch to your home decor by keeping handmade decorative pieces. Handmade items infuse your home with a soulful feeling.

5. Colour Your Floor
A colorful rug or carpet brightens up a boring floor. Choose a contrasting colour or look for interesting patterns that match with the theme of your room.

6. Colorful Cabinets  
Colorful cabinets add excitement to your home. Colour the interiors of the book shelves in one colour while lining the edges with other. For cabinets, colour the outside panel in vibrant hues. You can also opt for Green Spectrum Wood Veneers, which comes in a variety of shades and textures check This will brighten up your space.  

8. Reflect Colour with a Mirror
Place a large mirror in one of the walls of your living room. Decorate the edges of the mirror with beads or cording. If the frame has an interesting pattern, then paint it with bright colors.  

9. Get Artistic
Deck up your living room with a mix of designer artwork, travel souvenirs, and curious street finds.

10. Add More Fabrics
A colorful handmade quilt or a cozy blanket draped in the backside of your sofa creates an interesting visual pattern. Go for colors that match with other decorative pieces in your room.  

These simple yet interesting design tricks will help you turn a bland living room into an interesting one.
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