Meets Safety with the Fire-Retardant Plywood Furniture
Style Meets Safety: Fire-Retardant Plywood Furniture
Aug 22, 2023 | By: admin

A well-designed interior increases the style quotient of the space, and plywood plays a pivotal role in it. Most of our interior, especially furniture, is designed with plywood. Hence, it is imperative to consider the features of plywood along with the aesthetic beauty it brings to our interiors. 

Greenply, with its innovative streak, is not only known for its quality plywood but is also a leader which has introduced features like - 2X fire-retardancy, BWP plywood and E-O plywood in the country.


Safety Meets Style to Extinguish Our Furniture Needs 


Safety comes first in an era where we’ve become rightfully vigilant about safeguarding everything we hold dear. Just like today, we focus on the health and safety of all our possessions, similarly, the safety of our homes from fire and fire-related accidents is also taking centre stage. 

In response to this growing need for comprehensive safety measures, we're proud to present Greenply's innovative range of fire-retardant and BWP (Boiling Water Proof) plywood. Our commitment to your well-being is supported by aesthetics, infusing your interiors with an unyielding layer of protection that resonates with style.



The Fiery Need for Safety with Greenply 


Greenply’s fire-retardant plywood stands as a formidable defence against the ravages of fire. Green Platinum comes with the revolutionary PEN Tech technology that adds a protective mesh between the layers as well as on the surface of plywood, rendering it two times more fire resistant. 


How Does Greenply’s 2x Fire Retardance Work?


By utilizing PEN Technology, this plywood creates a crucial barrier that inhibits the spread of fire between layers, while also preventing oxygen from fueling the flames.

Offering a remarkable 2X fire resistance, Green Platinum plywood goes above and beyond, providing double the protection compared to other plywood brands on the market. This enhanced fire resistance ensures that your home remains shielded from the unexpected threat of fires.


Greenply: Firing Up the Safety Quotient


Green Platinum, Green Club 700, and Green Club 5 Hundred don't stop at fire resistance. With a 2X money-back guarantee and a 30-year warranty, it's a testament to its exceptional quality and durability. Additionally, its 2X waterproof feature, proven through a rigorous 144-hour boiling water submersion test, guarantees its longevity even in the face of moisture challenges. 

As the ultimate multi-threat solution, Green Platinum also wards off termites, borers, and fungi. In choosing Greenply Fire-retardant Plywood, you're not just investing in style and safety; you're securing a future where your living spaces are fortified against a range of potential hazards.



Final Reflections


A product of innovation in technology, Green Platinum includes advanced fire-retardant plywood durability, strength, and resilience. Read the details on the Green Platinum product page or WhatsApp Green Platinum at 70444 46966 to learn more about this latest innovation.

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