Checklist For Rustic Home Decor Essential
Rustic Home Decor Essential Checklist
Aug 30, 2018 | By: admin

Rustic home decor is marked by a simplicity that’s inspired entirely by nature and its resources. Most people living in the cities find themselves looking for a connection with the rhythm of the nature amidst the man-made structures. Over here we’ve come up with a list of decor ideas to infuse nature in its raw form through various elements. 

1) Home Decor tips
When it comes to mastering the rustic look in your rooms, the simpler the arrangement, the more authentic the overall look. Wooden furniture items such as armchairs and coffee tables in earthy tones create a raw yet graceful ambience.  This look is simple and clean, but it evokes a subtle romantic feel with different elements like a simple ladder, an oversized hanging lamp, and green-themed art! A pineapple on the table keeps the scene fresh and playful.

beautiful decor item
If you have wooden floors, then hang a hammock to evoke an authentic rustic and vintage look. Cotton rugs and hammocks exude a laid-back, countryside feeling where one can enjoy a perfect nap in the afternoons or spend an evening of utter bliss reading a book. Add a small wooden table with an earthy expression of color and natural texture to up the coziness factor.

Get a custom designed plywood table to nail the look to a T. You can have your wooden furniture items built as per your design and utility specifications using our plywood products. Being one of the best quality plywood brands in India, we ensure that our products provide aesthetic appeal, uncompromised strength, and durability.

home decor items made of plywood
Turn any corner of your room into a rustic looking one with the right mash-up of vintage furniture items.  Use this idea by choosing utility furniture items such as a display stand to hold odds and ends, and chair to accessorise further; make sure the furniture items have a natural, raggedy look because there’s nothing polished about this look.

4)beautiful chandelier

What better way to add an authentic charm to your rooms, than to install an antler chandelier. During your shopping spree, try your luck on getting your hands on a chandelier made of authentic antler. Wooden walls or room dividers create the perfect, naturalistic backdrop for antler chandeliers. 

home decorating plants
Add old-worldly charm with greenery to your living room by using a large-sized earthen pot for indoor plants. Visit local boutiques to get your hands on some earthen pots with washed-out colors such as this one. 

beautiful home decor items
Weave an artsy, handcrafted mystique in your rooms using woven chairs for relaxed seating, laundry baskets, and showpieces. The natural shapes and contours of woven furniture and showpieces can definitely be one of the striking features in the room. 

bedroom decor items
Knitted bed sheets and fuzzy throw blankets make you want to stay under the covers all day long. Switch your quirky, contemporary-looking pillow covers for warm-colored knit ones to add more texture to the decor.

Cover up the entire floor with a thick area rug (and yes of course, of neutral, warm color). The idea is to add warmth to bring out the essence of the easy-going, rustic look.

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