How to Go About Old-Fashioned Charm Home Decor?
Old-Fashioned Charm Home Decor: How to Go About It?
May 29, 2017 | By: admin

When it comes to home decor, old-fashioned designs are a rage. An old-fashioned design is all about luxury and comfort. Textured walls, tumbled marbles, a broken-in look is some of the characteristics of vintage charm. Adding a vintage charm to your decor doesn’t have to be expensive. From a simple stack of books to a rugged plywood cabinet, here are a few simple tips to recreate the rustic elegance of the good old days:

1. Worn wooden furniture
Have an old plywood door in your home? Use it as a tabletop or to add accents to your home decor. This adds a rustic appeal to your home. An old plywood cabinet with a distressed look is perfect for bringing a vintage feel.

2. Choose a Regal Colour Palette
The best way for adding a vintage charm to your home is by replacing your color palette. Colors that dominate a typical old-world room include cream, burgundy, forest green, navy, and ochre. A rich and dark color palette can be muted to bring a timeworn effect. Go for sanded or glazed finish or dark-stained surface that gives the impression of years of use.

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3. Accentuate your room
The old-world decor is all about creating subtle contrast. For instance, keep polished ceramic bowls and jars on a rustic wrought iron shelf. You can also create subtle contrasts by using elements such as Aubusson or needlepoint rugs or accessories with a distressed gilt finish. Add primitive accents such as large earthenware urns and vases, and copper bowls. You can also check the home decor trends in 2017 here: Home Decor Trends to Look Forward to in 2017.

4. A Stack of Old Books
Who could have thought that a stack of old books sitting on the coffee table or the plywood shelves on your walls can be a decor element? Grab some antique books from the collection of your grandparents and add them to your home decor to achieve the vintage look.

5. Elegant Window Treatments
Luxurious fabrics such as silk, velvet, and fine brocades exemplify the old-world design. Detailed window treatments with ceiling-to-floor drapery panels, asymmetrical or sweeping cascades give the windows a custom look. You can even use sheer curtain panels with wooden window blinds for adding a touch of elegance to your decor.

6. Mirrors
Old mirrors that have lost their shine from years of use are great for decorating your home. Use mirrors of different shapes and designs. You can simply arrange them on the wall or set them on the table tops for a sophisticated old-world feeling. You can also install a huge mirror with elaborate side paneling or with gilt framing for adding a sense of romance and realism to your home.

Using these ideas for decorating your home will help you create a charming place that exudes your unique taste along with adding a vintage appeal to the decor.You can check the products from Greenply here

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