Inspiring Ways to Decorate a White Space
Oct 08, 2018 | By: admin

White spaces may seem plain and boring to the average, but they are a canvas of expressions to the creative and style-centric. With white spaces, you are not confined to follow a particular style as you can channel your creative-self, experiment with different styles, and create unique decor.

In case you need some inspiration to get started, here are some:


home decor
Emphasis on texture and elegance:-

Light-colored spaces and textures are a match made in heaven; the combination is simple yet evokes artistic intricacy. Complement them using accessories having different textures.

Choose a 2 to 3-seater wooden studio couch; accessorize it with small to medium-sized pillows of neutral colors. Up the elegance factor using a light-colored crochet throw.

Create more texture variations by using woven wicker and crochet wall hanging. Don’t forget to add a subtle, refreshing look by filling empty spaces with indoor plants.

interior decor
De-cluttered and inspiring kitchen:-

White tiles, countertops, and ceilings aren’t just reserved for the bathroom as they perfectly work in the kitchen as well. However, the combination has to be right; here’s a good example of how veneer wood cabinetry can balance the warmth factor in a white and airy kitchen décor.

Make sure to use metallic handles in storage cabinets to match the metallic accents of the cooktop, sink, and cookware. To recreate the natural look of this cabinetry, choose our Whinfell veneer. Apart from having an elegant look, our Whinfell veneer is high on utility. Apart from cabinets, you can also use our Whinfell veneer for furniture, partitions, and panels. Learn more at

Decor tips
Subtle and matching pops of colors:-

Bring your white space to live gracefully with pops of matching neutrals such as faded turquoise, light pink, and cream. As shown in the example, match the colors in different utility furniture items, including storage drawers and chairs.

Add more interest with flower pots and vases of similar colors. Arrange 2 or 3 hanging lights in a small cluster to scale down the room’s height to a comfortable level. Finish with balancing the desolation in walls by hanging 1 or 2 abstract artwork.

Bedroom Decor

Minimalism goes naturalistic:-

White décor naturally evokes a minimalistic vibe. In your all-white bedroom, fuse minimalism with a naturalistic look by bringing in palm tree plants; use rattan pots for these plants as brown, woody color ups the naturalistic factor. Indoor plants add that much-needed pop of color in an all-white space.

Choose a wooden bench of natural color to add functionality and artsy impression to your bedroom. Accessories it with a neutral-colored throw. Lastly, go in flow with the all-white décor by keeping your bedding utterly light-colored.


child room decoration
Bright, contrasting accents:-

Add visual interest to your all-white living room space with accessories of bright colors such as lime yellow, pink, and ocean blue. Pair them with a small, chic area rug that has a darker shade as that of the wall color. Leave the rest of the flooring bare for a contemporary look.

Resolve the quirkiness by choosing a couple of wooden furniture items such as the ones in the picture. Choose nature-inspired showpieces to accessorize the wooden triangular stand.

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