Inspiring Kitchen Island Ideas
Mar 27, 2019 | By: admin

The kitchen has gained its position as one of the most stylish rooms in the house. The part of this highly stylish and functional kitchen is the kitchen island. A kitchen island is the foundation of cooking space and social gathering. As kitchens are emerging as an extended part of the living room, the kitchen islands are becoming indispensable. Kitchen islands make it easy for you to entertain guests or get your children’s homework done while you rustle up scrumptious meals.

Here are a few great kitchen island ideas that will give your cooking space a refreshing look:

  • Wooden kitchen island: A plywood kitchen island is a great idea to give your kitchen a rustic feel. It can double up as a desk for your children to study while you cook. The appearance of a plywood kitchen island is timeless. It adds a warm and cozy feel to the interiors. To give your kitchen island a contemporary feel, instead of chairs, get wooden stools made. For a rustic meets contemporary look, go for dark colors like walnut or dark brown.

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Customize your kitchen island to make your cooking experience rich and enjoyable. Use plywood products from Greenply Plywood, one of the best plywood companies in India, to get custom made kitchen islands. Fireproof Green Defender Plywood is ideal for all kinds of kitchen furniture items. For more plywoods for the kitchen, visit

  • Marble countertop kitchen island: When it comes to kitchen, marble is one of the most beautiful stones that can give your kitchen a luxurious look. To create a symphony of marble and wood, let countertop be of marble and let the remaining body be of plywood. The contrast will create a lively backsplash in the kitchen. You can install cabinets for some extra storage. Similarly, the stool tops can be marble while the rest of the body can be plywood.

Greenply Plywood
  • Stainless steel island: Though stainless steel fixtures and accessories have been very common in the kitchen for quite some time, the material has undergone a glamorous makeover for kitchen islands. Stainless steel kitchen islands are the latest models that are highly durable, easy to maintain, and are sleek. A wooden base for the island in combination with a stainless steel countertop will give your kitchen industrial chic look. To match the decor, go for industrial-style pendant lamps. It’s perfect for those who love the minimalist style of decor.  

  • Glossy white kitchen island: White is one color that is simple yet luxurious at the same time. A top-to-bottom all-white kitchen island is right from the decor magazines that you would love to replicate in your house. Even the simplest of the kitchen sparkles with white.  An all-white kitchen island makes the kitchen look spacious and bigger. An all-white kitchen island teamed with a sculptural ceiling is what you need to make your kitchen look posh. Both plywood and marble have their unique influences and textures. Both the materials can pull off an all-white kitchen island.

Greenply Plywood
  • Kitchen islands are likely to be exposed to water, moisture, and heat and therefore, it’s important that you choose a durable material like plywood. Plywood products from Greenply Plywood are sturdy, weather and water resistant. Greenply Plywood products are made from the finest A+ grade timber and are eco-friendly. To know more about Greenply products, visit

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