Discover the 7 Facts inside the World of Plywood Industry
Inside the World of Plywood - 7 Facts
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A modern world without plywood is just not possible. From construction purposes to furniture and manufacturing industry, plywood finds its application in almost all sectors.

Interested in unravelling the world of plywood? Here’s a quick and an interesting read for you.

1.The initial days of plywood
Can you guess the initial days of plywood invention? The process of making wood stronger than the normal ones by layering cross-grained veneers have been there since 2600 B.C in ancient Egypt.
It was in 1797 that British naval engineer, Samuel Bentham applied for patents of machines that produced veneers. Bentham’s concept was to laminate several pieces of veneer and glue them together to form a thicker and stronger piece.

2.Popularity of plywood
Plywood, back in the days, became popular in no time. Unlike other industrial materials, plywood didn’t require large-scale factory production and could be manufactured using simple tools.
Designers of various fields experimented with plywood’s ability to be shaped into different forms. From the 1910s to 1945s, plywood was largely used as a suitable material for aeroplane design. In other words, plywood also played a key role in revolutionizing flight.

3.Plywood today
Plywood is now one of the fundamental materials in the construction industry. Plywood has achieved a dominant spot in the construction industry after architects and builders started experimenting with it as a building material during the 1930s.

Plywood from Greenply
Uniformity in thickness, low cost and feasibility of production in standard sizes were some of the factors that played a key role in upping the popularity quotient of plywood. During the mid-1930s, synthetic glues were invented and manufacturers could now offer waterproof plywood which were suitable for exterior use. Soon, plywood became a versatile material to be used for everyday design.

4.Types of plywood
There are generally two types of plywood: softwood and hardwood. Softwood is made from fir trees such as spruce and pine. On the other hand, hardwood is made using wood from oak, maple, or mahogany trees. 

5.Eco-friendly material  
Apart from being highly durable and structurally stable, plywood is a green material as well. Plywood makes a great alternative to solid wood as it is made of multiple wooden sheets which help in curbing wastage.

6.Plywood in the digital age
Plywood has come a long way to evolve as an element of sophistication in modern designs. With the introduction of new moulding techniques, plywood can be rendered into any shape which creates limitless possibilities for furniture and interior design.

The development of plywood and plywood related products have sparked many trends in the contemporary design realm. Architects and engineers prefer plywood for innovative design and sustainability in the construction industry.

7.Plywood in India
Plywood is available in India in several grades; these include Marine Grade, MR Grade (Moisture Resistant), and BWR Grade (Boiling Water Resistant). Marine Grade plywood is sturdy and can withstand climatic variations. MR Grade plywood is moisture-resistant; BWR or BWP Grade plywood is resistant to boiling water and has high mechanical strength. 

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