How to Use Office Decor as a Team-Building Tool?
How to Use Office Decor as a Team-Building Tool?
Mar 26, 2019 | By: admin

Most successful companies encourage collaborative and idea-sharing culture. These companies are not just collaborative in terms of work but also in terms of office design. A well-designed office not just sparks employees’ creativity and productivity, it also stimulates communication and builds a team that has a sense of belongingness to the office. Here are a few office decor ideas that will make your workplace a great place to work and bond:

  • Creative brainstorming area: Just because it’s a brainstorming session doesn't mean that your conference room has to look drab. Build a conference room that has a pop culture reference and is colorful so that when a team is having a meeting they can share a laugh or two when discussing business. Have small standing tables for impromptu meetings, a casual chat or just change of scenery.

     How to use office decor as a team-building tool


  • Breakout areas: A team that eats together and plays together can handle any obstacle together. A breakout area is an ideal place for your team members to bond with each other over things other than office work. It goes without saying that a breakout room has to be roomy and colorful. For a cozy and homely feel, it should have a causal and laidback seating arrangement so that people can eat, read and even laze around the way they want to. To encourage physical movement and team building, there should be activities like miniature golf, pool table, and a reading zone.  Use plywood for bookshelves and quirky chairs.

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  • Make your company’s mission statement visible: When people work towards the same goal, they align their performances with the company as a whole. An enlarged picture of your company’s mission statement displayed in common areas like the reception or corridors is a great way to showcase the values your brand and your employees stand for.

  • Have a wall dedicated to team photos: Having a wall that has photos of employees enjoying offsite trips or doing team-building exercise can keep your employees motivated. It gives them a sense of belongingness and helps develop familial feeling towards one another. You can have this wall at the break out areas so that different team members can remember how good it felt to spend time with each other at the off-site.

  • Break spaces with dividers and plants: An open office gives a synergetic feel, it encourages communication and collaboration among team members. Do away with drab cubicles and embrace open-plan office so that your employees work as a team in an informal atmosphere and different employees will feel free to pitch in their ideas.  However, just to create a veil of demarcation and privacy, use glass dividers and plants for creating islands of private space within the open-plan office. This way employees can focus on their work when they are not collaborating.

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