How to Turn Your Home into an Ultimate Family Friendly Zone?
How to Turn Your Home into an Ultimate Family Friendly Zone?
Oct 25, 2016 | By: admin

Stylish home decor isn’t just for adults. Your home decor should reflect the style statement of each & every member of your family including pets! From naughty kids to playful pets, here we discuss how you can accommodate the style demands of everyone in your family. Read on!

1. Choose a clean and comfortable look
If you have kids and pets, go for a low-maintenance and clean look. Keep the décor clutter-free. Avoid fluffy pillows and couches and tables covered with fabric. These attract pet hairs and are tough to clean.


2. Experiment with colors and patterns
Choose vibrant colors and patterns. Bold patterns give your home décor a warm and inviting look. For instance, keep patterned rugs. This also helps camouflage the accidental spills on the floor. For cushion covers think quirky; from dinosaur to sunset prints- the choices are endless. There’s no getting around the fact that the walls take quite a beating with the kids around. To minimize the abuse, color the walls with wipeable paints especially the hallways and the living room. Choose a matte finish to give a rich look to your home.

3. Keep plenty of storage Space
From kitchen to living room, keep your ephemera in order with clever storage space. It will help keep your home clutter-free, organized and give it a spacious and airy look. Install built-in cabinets, closets, open shelves. You can even allocate specific cabinets to your family members.

4. Designate a Kid’s zone
Allocate a fixed zone for kids. This is the area where they can hang out with their friends. Think beyond Disney themed decor or cutesy pink! Instead customize the decor according to the interest of your kids. For instance, if your kid is a bookworm, create a cozy corner with open bookshelves and a couch to curl up with his/her favorite book. Keep the furniture away from walls to create distinct space.

5. Go for Durability
Do not feel tempted to buy fancy furniture. Instead, choose furniture with solid finish and preferably made from plywood as it feels natural and chic at the same time. Check out the different kinds of plywood that we have in store for you Choose upholstered spring-down sofa and chairs. These are long-lasting and you can re-upholster them without any fuss. Also, choose tables and countertops with round edges. Install strong and sturdy doors. These come in multiple varieties; check our doors at

6. Add Texture
Rugs are a great family friendly decor option. They add texture to your rooms and are durable enough to be installed in heavily used areas such as living room, hallways. Choose from fuss-free jute or sea grass rugs or wool-blend rugs for softer feel. Whatever you choose, ensure that they are easy-to-clean and are durable.
Instead of being overwhelmed by the choices at hand, plan a décor that is best suited for your family needs. Hopefully, these tips will help you in turning your space into a family - friendly zone.

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