How to Pick the Suitable Plywood Flush Doors for Home
How to Pick the Suitable Plywood Flush Doors for Home?
Nov 19, 2021 | By: admin

Imagine a guest visiting your house. What is the first thing that will catch his eye? Is it the living room, dining room, or the kitchen? Nope. It's the door. The big wooden frame is responsible for setting the first impression of what he is going to expect inside the house. We pour our heart and creativity out into decorating our interiors but often overlook the doors. They yield functional and aesthetic appeal to our homes. Thus, it becomes important that our doors receive as much attention as the rest of our house.



Whilst planning to construct a door, we should focus on the dual factors of elegance and protection. This is why you should primarily opt for flush doors. Flush doors are stylish, lightweight, economical, and extremely durable. You can choose to paint or apply a laminate or a natural decorative veneer sheet on it so that the doors imbue beauty and luxury to your homes. 


Flush doors are mostly used indoors, specifically in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. Here are the reasons why you should choose wooden flush doors.




1. Unparalleled safety

Flush doors work their way out into ensuring the safety of homes. Not just durable and strong, the wooden flush doors are eco-friendly and adhere to strict quality standards with negligible emissions that guarantee overall protection and security of the families.


2. Long-term durability

Preserving a door for its long-term utility and resilience is a challenge. Doors are more prone to damage. It is always better to go for flush doors that can withstand wear and tear and are dimensionally stable, unaffected by weather changes. Make sure the doors are termite and borer-proof so that you do not have to worry about future infestation attacks.



3. Retouching the surface

The surface of the flush door is perhaps the most visible part of the door. Whenever someone enters your house, the surface is what will grab the immediate attention of the people. The surface material also helps in covering the joints on the door’s structure. One could go for matching paint, laminate, or even teak or textured decorative veneers to achieve the look and feel you are aspiring for. 


For example, you could opt for Wood Crrests Fumed Nouveau collection as the dark veneer texture lends novelty and uniqueness to the door.


4. Take size into consideration

There are flush doors available in different sizes. So before placing the order for the door, ensure the door measurement is taken accurately.




5. Raw materials of the doors

The raw materials that are used in doors determine the overall quality of the doors. Further, they are accentuated with a laminate or dark wood veneer finish. It is done to make them look regal and grand but also to prevent them from warping easily. Flush doors could be normal wood doors or be readily available as ready-made doors. You have the freedom to pick the one that suits your space requirements and design sensibilities.


Greenply, one of the trusted and leading brands of plywood, vouches for the best quality flush doors in the market. With unmatched strength, dimensional stability, and high-impact resistance, Green Doors lends a strong support to your homes. These flush doors are available in three variants: a) one-sided laminate b) both-sided laminate and c) decorative. They display resistance against warping, delamination, and gives your home the touch of safety with modernity.


Out of all the variants of Greenply flush doors, the Green Club Door is the perfect combination of durability and safety. These doors are weather-resistant and have a solid wood seasoned filler core and provisions for lock, latch, and stopper on both sides. The Club Doors comes with a 300% lifetime warranty and truly stands the test of time.

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