How to Mix Match Wooden Sofa Chairs?
How to Mix Match Sofas Chairs?
Apr 15, 2019 | By: admin

A living room is not just about creating a space that looks right out of home decor magazines. It’s more about creating a personalized space that you see as a reflection of your individual taste and style. It’s about letting your house have spirited home decor that is refreshingly unique and personal. One of the best ways to do this is to mix and match sofas and chairs. This way you can create a beautiful and one-of-a-kind living room.

Here are a few great ideas to create a living room that is eye-catching:

1. Be bold with the chair: If you are a beginner, then this one of the easiest ways to mix and match sofa and chairs. Parade a fabulous dark blue chair with an off-white sofa and let the blue create contrast without being overwhelming. A monochrome sofa with either one or two bold color seats is the best way to embrace a bold color without the risk of going too overboard. A statement chair in a vivid color brings out the liveliness of the living room. You can add a few coordinating accessories like a blue throw blanket, cushions and artwork.

How to mix & match sofas & chairs
2. Dabble with patterns: Use patterns to give your living room a personal touch. If you are scared of mixing too many patterns, just introduce patterns either in the form of the accent chair or the sofa. To create variation within a minimal color scheme, go for a patterned accent chair.  For a coordinated look, decorate the accent chair with the cushion that matches the sofa, not the chair. A sprinkling of blue on a grey accent chair and white cushions on a blue sofa inject a lively modern tempo and let each piece of furniture to shine without overpowering one another.


3. Mix different materials:  Juxtaposing different materials can add splendor to your seating arrangement. A soft, upholstered seat in a tan faux leather seat when placed next to a classic fabric upholstered sofa gives your living room a stylish and sophisticated look. Whether lounging or reading a book, the leather seat will make you feel like a boss always. Just bring two different materials together and let them do the talking. A fabric sofa set with plywood chairs or metal chairs looks great together.  



4.Bohemian soul: If you don’t love playing by the rules, then play with different colors and patterns and give your living room a bohemian spirit. For a vibrant room, pack the room with fabulous and lively colors. Here no single piece of furniture is anchoring the living room, while each of them has their own unique personality and pattern. The varied scheme is eye-catching. The mix of hot colors and prints with heavy hues are striking and beautiful. If you don’t want to mix too many colors but still want your living room to look vibrant, then go for either patchwork sofa or a patchwork accent chair.


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