How to Coordinate Wooden Furniture with Your Wall Colour?
How to Coordinate Furniture with Your Wall Colour?
Apr 26, 2019 | By: admin

Whether your home is minimalist or contemporary or vintage, a home filled with furniture items that don’t go well with the walls can be off-putting. It is, therefore, necessary that for a cohesive look, the colors of the walls and that of furniture are in sync and they give an appearance that looks pulled together. Matching colors with furniture is intuitive and yet there’s a logical pattern behind it. There are many ways to go about it. However, don’t get overwhelmed as to where to start. We have got you covered! If you are moving into a new house or renovating your existing home, here are a few tips for matching wall colors with furniture:

1. Start with the walls: Start with the walls: One of the easiest ways to color coordinate walls and furniture is to start with the walls. If the room is big and airy, go for a bold color like dark green, maroon, and similar hues and match them light-colored plywood furniture. Upholstery can be of dark colors but let the wooden trimmings be light. If your room doesn’t get natural light, then stick with neutral colors like white, beige or lighter hues of yellow and blue. You can contrast dark-colored plywood furniture pieces with it. You can also give your house a striking look by painting a single wall in dark color.

2. Start with furniture: If you have already got your furniture custom made, then start with the furniture items first. To create a cohesive thematic look, take your favorite piece of furniture, it can be your sofa set or just ottomans. If your favorite furniture piece has a solid color, use the same color or a shade lighter to paint the walls. For instance, if your ottoman is upholstered in blue fabric, you can go for a blue color for the walls. Don’t use the exact same colors as this will make the room too monotonous and bland.

3. Choose colors that enhance the plywood tones: To avoid a too matchy look, create a background that would enhance the beauty of the plywood. Instead of thinking what matches well with your plywood, visualize what color will bring the best in your furniture and make them stand out. Classic white walls with light-colored cabinets make a kitchen look worthy of all your attention. The two light shades of different family colors create a contrasting but not too overwhelming look.

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4. Choose a theme: To avoid a disjointed look, choose a theme and stick to it. For instance, if you want an industrial-chic decor, then let the exposed brickwork bring in the rustic charm into your living room. Furniture with wood and metal finish will add to the look. Texturing the wall is also a great way to give your walls a character and a rustic appeal.

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