Home Decor Trends That Stole the Show This Year
Home Decor Trends That Stole the Show in 2016
Feb 20, 2017 | By: admin

Want to know about the hottest interior decor trends that ruled the chart in 2016? If yes, read on:

1. Black Metals
Instead of glittering appliances and accessories, black metals were the most sought after trend last year.From black steel framed windows and doors to black matte kitchen appliances, black metals dominated the home decor landscape.

2. Natural Materials
Last year was all about bringing nature inside.From nature inspired wallpapers to natural materials such as wood, plywood, countertops add corks, and stone were the rage.Furniture made of wood and plywood, cork Fl countertops add a rustic appeal to the home. However, it all depends on how each materialis been mixed and matched.
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3. Textured Kitchen Cabinets
2016 was the year of textured kitchen cabinetry. Textured materials add softness and warmth to a space.Plywood cabinets, drawers, and shelves werewidely used in 2016 to break the industrial look of the kitchen.
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4. Patterned Wallpapers
2016 witnessed a shift from traditional and floral wallpapers.Geometric patterns were extremely popular last year. These patterns breathe life into the walls and the rooms.Check out our wide range of Greenteriors wall covers http://greenplyplywood.com/21-greenteriors-wallcovers

5. Oversized Light Fixtures
Oversized light fixtures, chandeliers, lanterns, and pendant lights were the popular lighting options in 2016. Be itone grand chandelier or groups of smaller and contemporary pendant lighting, these light fixtures not only illuminate rooms but also work as art pieces.

6. Contemporary Artworks
Textured art, oversized photographs, andoversized graphics, had a tremendous influence on the design landscape in 2016. A bold and interesting piece of art creates an interesting focal point of the room. It also reflects your choices and personality.

7. Statement Mirrors

Mirrors have always played a vital role in shaping the interiors of a room. And this trend won’t get old in the coming years. A statement mirror with subtle detailing not only reflects light but also visually expands the limits of your room. Mirrors with metallic frames bring modern elegance to your home decor.

8. Faux Fur
Pops of faux fur across the room are the best way of adding luxury to your home decor.From blankets, pillows, rugs, to throws, faux furs bring softness and coziness to your room.

No doubt 2016 looked super stylish in terms of home decor. Keep watching this space to learn more about the most happening decor trends of 2017 that you can incorporate to give your home a stylish and chic makeover.

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