Furniture Arrangement Tips for Beginners
Furniture Arrangement Tips for Beginners
Sep 20, 2018 | By: admin

Furniture arrangement can make or break the décor of your living space. The right mix of chairs, tables, bed, and other furniture and the way they are placed can transform the interior decor of your home. Over here we discuss simple and easy ways to arrange your furniture pieces the right way.

1) Avoid pushing furniture items against the wall:-

One golden rule of thumb of arranging furniture items is to avoid pushing them against the wall. Even if you have limited space in your rooms, allowing a few inches of space between the walls and furniture can make your room look spacious.

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2) Keep side table at an arm’s length:-

Getting up from a seat and walking for a few seconds to get an item on the side table or coffee table can be a total turnoff, especially when you’ve invited guests. If you have a larger space, then you can create a focal point using an elegant and large coffee table at the center.

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3) Prioritize functionality:-

When arranging/re-arranging the furniture pieces in your rooms, make sure to give functionality the highest priority. For example, if you love reading, then create a cozy reading space in your living room by placing your bookshelf next to your sofa. You can grab a book whenever you like and embark on a reading journey sitting on your plush sofa, drinking a cup of tea!

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If your living room has a modern setup, place different-sized shelves on the wall and turn them into a statement furniture piece. Keep your collection of books, art or other objects on these shelves.

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4) Use area rugs:-

If you are using an area rug in your living room and bedroom, place your furniture pieces, such as sofa, bed, and coffee table, in a way that they can sit on top of it to create an organized look.

If you plan on exposing flooring when using area rugs, make sure that the front legs of larger furniture pieces sit on the rugs, the back legs can rest on the bare floor.

5) Furniture sizes and designs – similar or mix and match?

The size and design of furniture pieces matter when it comes to arranging them better and improve your rooms’ decor. Like many homeowners, you may be confused as to whether to mix and match furniture sizes and designs or go for matching/similar ones.

The simple answer to this relies on the type of style you’re going for. For example, if you want your rooms to look fun and quirky, then a mix and match of furniture size and design can perfectly work. However, you may choose furniture pieces of similar size and design if you prefer a structured and classical look.

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