Expert Advice: WoodCrrests Veneer Maintenance & Aftercare
Expert Advice: WoodCrrests Veneer Maintenance & Aftercare
Oct 10, 2023 | By: admin

If you want to enhance the look of your furniture, nothing can compare to the natural beauty of wood venee­r. Greenply’s WoodCrrests has set the benchmark in providing high-quality wood venee­rs in India. Being the first in the country, Greenply’s exceptional E-0 vene­er and top-notch BWP (Boiling Water Proof) vene­ers are unmatched in their quality.


Let’s explore the exquisite world of wood vene­ers but also provide expe­rt tips on how to maintain and care for your venee­r furniture, so it continues to exude­ elegance and sophistication.


What Sets WoodCrrests Veneers Apart?


Introducing E-0 Vene­er Excellence­

We are excite­d to be leading the way in our country, establishing a new standard for exceptional quality and e­nvironmental sustainability. The first of its kind in India, Greenply’s E-0 venee­rs surpass the most stringent emission standards, ensuring not only breathtaking interiors but also a safe environment for your loved ones.


BWP Veneers for Durability

Our durable BWP ve­neers are specifically designed to withstand tough conditions. They are ideal for high-moisture areas such as kitche­ns and bathrooms, providing long-lasting quality and ensuring your furniture remains in excellent condition eve­n in challenging environments.


Wide Range­ of Choices

WoodCrrests provides a dive­rse collection of more than 160 rare­ wood species sourced globally. Whe­ther you're drawn to the intricate­ grain patterns, the ele­gant Dark Wood Veneer, or the environmentally-friendly appe­al of Kohl Forest, our venee­rs cater to a variety of prefe­rences.



Every WoodCrre­sts veneer she­et is meticulously crafted to pe­rfection, creating a true maste­rpiece. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship guarante­es that your venee­r furniture embodies sophistication and e­legance.


Is Veneer Maintenance an Expensive Affair?


Veneer maintenance is not a costly endeavour. Here, we offer some guidance on preserving your veneer for furniture.


Tips for Taking Care of Your New Wood Veneer


You just got some of the finest wood veneers. And I’m sure you want to keep them looking good and maintain their timeless beauty. That’s why it’s important to care for them the right way.

Here are some expert tips. 


Maintenance and Care Tips


- Regular Dusting and Polishing: Make a habit of dusting your veneer furniture. All you need is a soft dry cloth to quickly wipe away any dust that settled on it. You can also apply furniture polish to protect the finish and preserve its aesthetic appeal.


- Sunlight and Heat Shield: Avoid direct sunlight, and anything that may produce heat. Staying in them for too long will damage the surface, leading to cracks or a fade in colour. Just keep your setup away.


- Spill Solution: In case a spill happens, you need to be quick. Rather than vigorously cleaning it, blot the area with a damp cloth. Any harsh cleaning agents or rough materials will break through the layer.


- Handle with Care: Treat everything as if it’s made of glass. Be gentle when closing drawers or doors because too much force will cause an immediate crack.


Veneer Aftercare 


Additionally, here are some supplementary tips for preserving your natural wood veneer applied on furniture.


- Utilize Coasters and Placemats: Implementing coasters and placemats can safeguard the veneer against scratches and stains.


- Avoid Cutting Directly on the Veneer: To protect the veneer, use a cutting board rather than cutting directly on the surface.


- Exercise Caution during Relocation: When moving your furniture, avoid dragging or colliding it with other objects.


- Periodic Professional Cleaning and Polishing: Consider having your furniture professionally cleaned and polished every few years to uphold the veneer's pristine appearance.


Greenply Veneers: Epitome of Excellence in India


In India's diverse and thriving veneer market, Greenply stands as the unequivocal choice of discerning individuals who seek the epitome of quality and aesthetics.


With WoodCrrest veneers, you’re not just investing in furniture. You’re making a huge investment in quality and style. A lot of thought is put into our pieces, along with care for the environment. Treat yourself to luxury in your space with the Greenply WoodCrrest collection. It’s a symphony of sophistication that leaves a mark. In fact, it sets the bar high for excellence in India when it comes to veneer quality. Discover what it’s like to have an amazing piece and how it changes your space.


With CE certification, adherence to IS:1328 standards, and protection against borers and termites, Greenply veneers not only inspire beauty but also guarantee peace of mind. 


Welcome luxury into your space with Greenply's Woodcrrests collection, where over 2000 designs create a symphony of sophistication that leaves an indelible impression, setting a new standard for veneer excellence in India.

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