Decorating the Perfect Entryway in Your Home
Decorating the Perfect Entryway in Your Home
Mar 21, 2019 | By: admin

As they say, the first impression is the last, the same is true for your house. Your entryway should set a stylish tone for the rest of your house. It should not only be functional but also welcoming and inviting. Whether your entryway is a foyer or a narrow corridor, with the right furniture, decorative accents, and rugs, you can create an entryway that will leave you and your guests excited and inspired.

Here are a few ideas to welcome your guests in style:

  • Instagram-worthy foyer: To give your entryway a vintage feel, then stick to the classic look of a small table with a mirror. An ornate mirror will amplify natural light in a small entryway. A small handy perch that can be stashed under the table can be pulled for wearing shoes. Provide for an entryway rack so that your guests can hang their handbags, umbrellas, and coats there. Ensure that the placement of furniture is such that nobody bumps into the furniture.

    Decorating the perfect entryway in your home

  • Functional but stylish plywood bench: If you don’t want to crowd your entryway with too many furniture items, then a low-height plywood bench with storage for shoes and other items like umbrellas is perfect. For the extra oomph, just place a tall metal vase next to the bench. A plywood bench will evoke the charm of nature. You can also place rattan baskets under the bench for storage and a rustic feel. For a cozy feel, go for cushions in woven fabrics.

Use fireproof plywood for your home interiors

To get your entryway bench custom made, use Green Club Plywood and Green Prima Plywood by Greenply. These products have fire retardant properties and are the best quality plywoods in India. They are ideal for making coffee tables and other home and office furniture items.  

  • Carpet runner: The simplest and easiest way to add warmth to your entryway is to place a patterned carpet runner. This will not only create visual demarcation but will also help add a notable touch to your entryway without letting furniture and other items take away floor space.  Go for bold color and pattern to give your neutral entryway a feeling of playfulness. However, be careful that the carpet is not too thick that it obstructs the door and not too thin that somebody trips over it. Go for anti-slip rugs that can work well in high traffic areas.

  • Let there be light: For a fashionable and quick fix, go for a small chandelier or a pendant light. Not only will this brighten up the entryway but will transform its look. Pendant light will elongate your space, making the ceiling look higher than it is. You can also hang an oversized artwork to create an impact. The pendant light and the artwork will make a dramatic effect without making the entryway look too busy.  

Plywood is a versatile product.  It can be used for making different types of furniture pieces that are sturdy and look appealing. Visit to know more about our products.

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