6 Amazing Ideas for Decorating a Study Room
Decorating a Study Room: 6 Amazing Ideas
Mar 22, 2019 | By: admin

A study room is a reflection of your intellectual self and individuality. When a study room is decorated as per your personal style, it becomes your cocoon where you can get work done. Though a study room should be quiet, organized, and comfortable, it should also be interesting enough to get your creative juices flowing. A well-ordered study room doesn’t have to be austere and boring.

Here are 6 amazing ideas to make your study room a place that fosters creativity and concentration:

Decorating a study room: 6 amazing ideas

  • Custom-made bookcase: To make your study room a shrine for the written word, there’s no better way of doing this than getting a bookcase custom made. If you have a large collection of books, then dedicate the entire wall and let it act as the main storage in the room. However, in case you've got a wall-mounted study table, then incorporate open shelves on the walls. Besides storing your books, open shelves are great to display your awards and antique items. For a dash of elegance, go for vintage chairs.

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  • A personalized cork board: Whether you have a fitness goal to achieve or you are after a coveted promotion, a personalized cork board or vision board is a great way to do keep all your goals in sight and give your study room a character. Decorate your vision board with inspiring quotes, photos of loved ones, places you wish to visit, and for that matter anything that inspires you.

  • Be organized in a fun way: To jazz up your study room and to keep it organized, introduce colorful storage solutions. For books and accents, go for geometric shelves in different colors. They are not just practical, they also lend the study room a warm vibe. For your stationery and files, invest in some quirky desk organizers in vibrant colors.

  • Let there be light: When it comes to a study room, natural light is the best. But if you find the outdoors distracting, then invest in some good lamps. If your study table is big, then a table lamp is ideal for brightening things up. If you want a space-saving alternative, then go for a wall-mounted lamp or pendant lighting. Both not just give direct light that’s good for reading, they also lend the room a contemporary feel. If space is not a constraint, then go for a floor lamp and give your study room a luxurious feel.

  • Area rug: To give the floor of your study room an artistic value, then go for a patterned rug. Instead of a boring rectangular area rug, go for a square or round area rug, giving your study room a feeling of warmth over a concrete cold floor. If your study room is also the guest room having a bed, then area rugs are must for creating a visual demarcation of the study area and the sleeping area.

  • Let the colors do the talking: Colors inspire creativity. Whether the study room is for children or for adults, decorate the room with some colors. Make the study-table facing wall the accent wall and introduce bold colors or just go for a removable wallpaper.

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