Checkout Cool Office Decor Tips for Startups
Cool Decor Tips for Startups
Mar 22, 2019 | By: admin

If you are running a startup and are looking for ideas to decorate your office, then you are on the right page. Many young companies in their attempt to give their office a startup vibe end up just painting their walls and placing bean bags in the breakout areas. But that’s not how you foster creativity. For many startups, working long hours and pulling an all-nighter is not an exception but a norm. And, thus they require a place that builds morale and conveys a spirit of innovation. The decor of your office is a reflection of your company. Branding of your office and your visual identity shows what kind of culture you want at your workplace and what kind of message you want to send out.

Here are a few cool decor tips for startups that your clients and employees will love equally:

  • Add some color: If your office is grey and glum looking, then it is time that you liven it up with some colors. You can choose the colors of your brand or logo to lend your office a cool vibe. To beat the industrial look, go for bold colors like blue, red, and yellow. Go for a decorative concept that captures the essence of your company. For a unique touch, have inspiring quotes on the walls.

Cool decor tips for startups
  • Ergonomic furniture: For an impressive office make sure you have the right kind of furniture. Be it chairs or office table, ensure that they are comfortable and good looking. A pretty cool solution to this is to get your furniture custom made to your exact specifications. Depending on the space you’ve got and the kind of work you do, you can get plywood office tables and chairs custom made. With customization, you can choose the best plywood, color, and exact dimensions.

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  • Custom made mural: One startup decor trend that is unlikely to fade is a getting murals custom made to give your office a personality. Instead of going for an accent wall, hire local artists to design a mural that captures the essence of your business and work culture. You may ask why a mural. Well, employees love working in a beautiful office that reminds them of the company’s vision in an elegant manner. Moreover, the clients will appreciate your ingenuity. The perfect place to have a mural would be the reception area so that nobody misses it.

  • Get plants to add some life: One thing that an office with a millennial workforce should have is plants. Plants in the reception area create a welcoming environment for employees as well as visitors. Plants placed in corridors and other areas act as sculptural elements. To make a statement, go for tall plants that will give the office a dramatic effect. 

  • Bring in the chill-out factor: A breakout space or a breakout area has become a staple in startups. To break the monotony of mental and physical fatigue, make the break out area a fun place with some casual seating arrangement. Have chairs of different heights and colors, bean bags and adjustable tables. Have lots of plants in the breakout area so that employees feel as if they are outdoors even when they are not. Besides games and pool tables, add a scribbling board where employees can hold some informal brainstorming session and collaborate on their projects.

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