Checkout Bollywood Style Home Decor Tips
Bollywood Style Home Decor Tips
Apr 07, 2017 | By: admin

Decorating your home is less about a look; it’s more about creating a feeling that you feel close to. And if you’re crazy for Bollywood, you live and breathe Hindi movies, and you want people to get that desi movie feeling the moment they step in your house, then you’re reading the right content! Over here we discuss different ways to add the flavors of Bollywood to your home decor. Read on -

Everything bright
Bollywood is all about colours and almost everything has got to do with the bright and vivid interplay of colours. Now there is a myriad of ways to add cheerful colours to your home decor.Choose bright wall decals in lemon yellow, neon pink and ocean blue to bring out that lively ambiance. You can add equally bright curtains and furniture upholstery to create a striking match.

Going traditional
The other way around for going Bollywood-ish is adding an authentic look to your decor with traditional wooden furniture. Most of the traditional furniture items are hand-crafted and usually come in gloss finish.
You can mix and match this styling by using glass-top tables, clay urns, and historic paintings. Just like the movie 2 states, you can hang a traditional swing in your living room which will add a wow factor to the decor.

Bollywood decor

Low-height setup
Another big style factor concerned with Bollywood is setting up a low stance for furniture. The Indian tradition associates low-level sitting as part of the typical culture and integrating this idea will certainly add a unique character to your room.

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Style Fusion
Go for huge glass framed windows, rugged brick walls and even a fireplace.

If you are limited on space, you can play the ball game of incorporating practicality to everyday decor. You can double up your staircase as book shelves, use utility tables and closets to open up more space.

Beds are a cardinal style factor in your room and it is very important that you don’t fail to send out that stylistic message. For a Bollywood-ish decor, options like upholstered bed heads, sofa beds, and wall beds work great.

Gallery in a wall
Using your wall to showcase your love for Bollywood is simply awesome. Hang movie posters and evergreen movie dialogues to showcase the true desi movie fan in you. If you love everything vintage then you can hang black and white photos of ethereal beauties such as Nargis, Madhubala, Waheeda Rehman, Meena Kumari and Suraiya. In your casual living space create a corner of such photographs and movie posters, where you can watch Bollywood movies with family and friends.

To finish things up, customize your Bollywood decor with accessories. From fish magnets to pillow covers and coffee mugs, you will find many Bollywood theme-based accessories to bring out that desi tadka.

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