How Beautifully Arranged Accessories add Charm to Home Decor?
How Beautifully Arranged Accessories add Character and Charm to Your Home Decor?
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You want to add personality to your house but are in no mood to undertake the full-fledged renovation. It’s time to bring accessories to bring new look to your house. Decorative items like vases and mirrors are the most inexpensive way to give your house a fresh look. Here are some tips to add those extra little touches to your house that can yield big results: 1.Elegance in a pot: A flower vase is a functional and decorative accessory that lends texture and color to space. You can place a big vase on your centre table or you can go for a matching set of vases in different sizes. You can also go for tall vases and let them fill awkward empty corners and give a zest of elegance to your house. Plywood for kitchen 2. Pillow talk: Vibrant throw pillows can transform any room of your house. Big decorative cushions can bring a touch of unexpected color to your living room. For a chic look go for cushions in different patterns and sizes. Create a composition by arranging them according to size. Colorful cushions are a great way to break the monochromatic look of a sofa. plywood for home furniture
3. Let there be light: Whether your room needs extra light or it needs a facelift, lamp shades, are a great way to do it. A pair of lampshades lends a sense of symmetry and balance to the room. Standing tripod lamps can illuminate dark corners and make them vibrant. You can also hoist lamps up on your entryway table to make your entryway look a little intriguing.  plywood for bed 4. Storage you won’t hide: Your laundry basket doesn’t have to be a sorry sight. You can give your laundry basket and other storage spaces a new lease of life. A wicker basket is great for keeping laundry and folded clothes. You can also stash away your books and other knick-knacks that you want to hide. They look so natural and classy that you can display them in any room.  plywood for home furniture 5. Lend your home a personal style: The best thing about decorating your house is lending it your personal style. Decorating the accessories that you have collected over the years is a very personal experience. Floating shelves in different geometric patterns add a splash of color to your house and are great for displaying your accessories like vases, photo frames, birdcages, and small potted plants. You can also use them to store your books.  plywood for sofa Plywood shelves - organize and lend a visual appeal to your living space You can explore our plywood products  that blend function and design to create spaces of perfect harmony. As a leading plywood brand in India, we are committed to combining stylish designs with smart technology to transform the spaces we live and work into cozier, higher on visual appeal, and secure places.  6. Natural beauty: To lend indoors a sense of outdoors, use natural elements like flowers, seashells, pinecones, and terrariums. Seashell and starfish decorated twig wreaths, golden pinecone ornaments and terrariums let you enjoy natural beauty even when you are inside the house.  home decor items 7. Mirror, mirror on the wall: Mirrors are both functional and fashionable. Mirrors can be fun to decorate your house with. An oversized floor mirror not only adds an optical illusion of more space, but it also brings grandeur to a room. If you don’t want to go by the playbook, then an entire gallery of mirrors, instead of photo frames and artworks, will give your house an artistic twist. Want to add more to this list? Drop us a comment! 

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