How To Add Natural Look To Your Living Space?
How To Add Natural Look To Your Living Space?
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Home decor is not all about furniture and furnishings. It’s also about ambience; and people have been striving for centuries to give their dwellings a natural and organic ambience. As the green spaces outside are shrinking, more and more people are opting for nature-inspired interiors. Here’s a lowdown on 6 ways to add the natural vibe to your interiors - 1. Plywood furniture: There’s nothing better than plywood furniture to give your house a natural and country appeal. It’s is one of the warmest of materials that lend a home a cozy and organic appeal. From plywood doors and panels to plywood furniture, there are numerous ways of introducing natural warmth to your living space. Plywood furniture is not just timeless in its look; it can also be refinished and turned to something trendier. Be it furniture with minimalist design or with ornate carvings, plywood furniture has a show-stopping appeal. Veneer doors and panels are also an excellent choice for a natural makeover. How To Add Natural Look To Your Living Space Searching for the right plywood furniture to get the natural decor right?  Get your furniture customized as per your design and utility specifications using Greenply plywood products. Being one of the best quality plywood brands in India, we ensure that our products serve serious style statement and functionality. Visit to explore options for plywood products. 2. Flood your home with natural light: Using curtains sheer for large windows allow maximum light to enter your room. A few skylights, especially in kitchen and bathrooms, can do the job of illuminating your home in a natural way. To optimize natural light you can place mirrors in different parts of the rooms. How To Add Natural Look To Your Living Space2 3. Use natural stones:  Using natural materials is a great way to give your house a tinge of nature. From pathways and garden stone benches to sinks, natural stones can be used to transform both the interior and exterior of the house. Stone lends its surroundings a plush look and as it’s durable it’s a good investment in the long run.  How To Add Natural Look To Your Living Space 4 4. Bring outdoor indoor: One great way of lending your house a natural appearance is to bring some greenery indoors. Greenery adds beauty and texture to your house. The easiest way is to keep potted plants that do not require much sunlight and care. If you don’t have space for a kitchen garden, you can let herbs and succulents sit on your kitchen sill. You can also decorate stems of freshly cut flowers; it will soothe your eyes and soul. You can also decorate your house with dried flower arrangements. How To Add Natural Look To Your Living Space 6 5. Plywood accent wall: The rustic rawness of an exposed plywood wall is just unmatched. It lends your home a dreamy feel and lets you indulge your inner bohemian soul. 6. Go organic with furnishing: Incorporating furnishing made of organic fabrics for your bed, bath and table linen will not just ensure sustainability; it will also give your house a distinguished look. You can also give your house a personal touch with patchwork quilts and bed covers made by your old clothes. How To Add Natural Look To Your Living Space8

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