A Step-by-Step Guide from Greenply to Choose the Right Door
A Step-by-Step Guide from Greenply to Choose the Right Door
Nov 06, 2023 | By: admin

Few things in the world are as enchanting as a wooden door. Just like the ornate wooden doors adorning the historic streets of Kyoto transport you to a world of tradition and elegance, or the weathered, coastal wooden doors of Cape Cod that exude a rustic, maritime charm. A journey to Jaipur reveals the mesmerising hand-painted arches and wooden craftsmanship adorning grand palatial doors, a testament to tradition, royalty, and grandeur. 




These cultural marvels remind us that exterior wood doors tell a story of fine character, enduring craftsmanship, and a world beyond mere aesthetics. Their enduring durability speaks of resilience against decay and wear, maintaining their timeless allure. Inspired by these magnificent doors, you have every right to craft an exterior wood door that mirrors your personality and style, making it a valuable investment for your artistic aspirations.


Welcome to Our Step-By-Step Guide, Courtesy of Greenply, to Help You Craft Your Perfect Door




Selecting the perfect door size, whether for an interior or exterior wooden beauty or a bookshelf door, is no small feat. Whether you're revamping your home or venturing into a DIY project, getting the dimensions right is crucial. Feeling a bit lost? This all-encompassing guide is your compass to ensure a seamless fit every time.


Frequency of Use


Ponder the daily dance of your exterior wood doors. Are they the grand entrance that welcomes guests in style, or the interior ones in charge of revealing the lively rooms of your home? The extent of use shapes not just their role, but also their resilience, making sure they're prepared to endure the passage of time with grace.


Environmental Exposure


Contemplate the world your doors will go on to brave. Will they stand tall against torrential downpours or dance with the flames of relentless heat? Delving into the environment is paramount in handpicking doors that not only endure the elements but also preserve their timeless allure.


Essential Features


Delve into the realm of possibilities for your exterior wood doors. Do you require moisture resistance, fire resistance, or perhaps the ultimate combination of both? Unearthing these vital features guarantees that your doors not only enhance safety but also elevate their functionality to new heights.


Door Opening Mechanism


Embark on a journey through the array of door opening mechanisms, each with its own charm and utility. Whether you're drawn to the timeless allure of interior hinged wood doors, the contemporary efficiency of sliding solutions, or perhaps a cutting-edge alternative, your choice should harmonise with your lifestyle and showcase your individuality.


Finding the Perfect Fit


Front doors, often measured between 28-32 inches, might seem standard, but one size rarely fits all. When it comes to exterior wood doors, your entryway's dimensions are crucial. Is it a snug 42-inch single door or even grander? Anything beyond this range calls for the elegance of double doors. So, when it comes to selecting the perfect interior or exterior wood door, remember that size truly matters.


Open Doors to Beauty & Resilience with the Trust of Greenply 




Experience the perfect fusion of beauty and resilience with Greenply's exceptional door range. Green Club Doors, crafted from BWP grade plywood, exemplify durability with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. These doors are not only eco-friendly but also dimensionally stable and resistant to impacts, offering complete safety and protection. With an E1 formaldehyde emission level as per European standards, they ensure indoor air quality is top-notch.


The Ecotec Platinum 710 Doors, with a 15-year warranty, boast solid wood filler and a composed cross core, making them an ideal choice for exteriors. They are weather and boil-proof, as well as borer and termite-resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance.


Green Gold Doors, made from PLC seasoned pine timber, adhere to strict quality standards and carry a remarkable 25-year warranty. Their BWP Resole Resin and solid wood seasoned filler core guarantee stability and resistance to weather changes. These doors, with minimal emissions and compliance to IS:2202 (Part-1), promise a safe and secure environment.


With Green Club Doors, Ecotec Platinum 710 Doors, and Green Gold Doors, Greenply delivers strength, style, and security for both residential and commercial spaces, setting a standard few can match. 


Choose Greenply doors to open the door to a beautiful, resilient, and safe living environment.

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Protect kitchen plywood cabinets from damage using Greenply's BWP & fire-retardant plywood. This can prolong the life of the plywood cabinets and save money in the long run.