8 Tips to Jazz Up Your Bathroom
8 Tips to Jazz Up Your Bathroom
Feb 03, 2017 | By: admin

Looking for simple ways to jazz up your old bathroom?If yes, then here are 8 beautiful and easy tricks to transform your bathroom from a bland space to an enviable one:

1. Plywood Cabinets
Are the cabinets in your bathroom looking shabby? If yes, then it’s time to update them.Dingy cabinets kill the style quotient of your bathroom. Install chic plywood cabinets. Installmetallic knobs and pulls and apply a fresh coat of paint if you want. However, remember to use water resistant plywood for the bathroom. This will improve the longevity of your cabinets.Greenply is one of the premium plywood companies in India. You can check our wide range of plywood at http://greenplyplywood.com/28-products

2. A new Wall-Hung Mirror
Say goodbye to the boring square wall mirror in your bathroom. Instead, get an oval mirror with elegant design. Ditch the usual metallic frame; instead, go for elegant antique frames.

3. Update the fixtures
From the pedestal sinks to the decade old leaky faucet, and old fixtures update and old fixtures in your bathroom to give it an instant facelift. You can even change the tilesand install coloured tiles in shades of pastel green and cool blue.

4. Keep bathroom organizers
An unorganized bathroom looks incredibly shabby.To keep your toiletries and other items organized, install a few bathroom organizers and keep your essentials in them. Also, you can install open wooden shelves anduse it to organize your toiletries.You can even use these shelves to organize yourhand and bath towels.

5. Keep a bath mat
Add a touch of luxury in your bathroom by keeping a classy and super soft bath mat in your bathroom. It not only protects the floor from excessive moisture and keeps you from slipping but it also feels comfortable beneath your feet. You can keep foam, cotton or washable rugs in your bathroom.

6. Create a spa-like atmosphere
Give your bathroom a spa-like makeover by installing small features. For instance, keep a few high-quality soft and cosy towels. Store them in a separate cabinet. Create a small corner where you can keep scent diffusers or place a few scented candles. You can install a small plywood floating shelf for the candles and diffusers. Also, you can even install a dimmer switch to customize the atmosphere according to your mood.

7. Add texture to the walls
Adding small details on your wall scan dramatically improve your bathroom. You can install colored or printed wallpapers or install a wooden panel on the wall.

8. Paint the cabinets
Consider painting the wooden cabinets in your bathroom to give it a bright, fresh and quirky look. If the walls in your bathroom are painted in cool shades of blue, then paint the cabinets in gray to create a serene and calm atmosphere.

These ideas will help you turn your bathroom into the ultimate zone where you can relax in style.

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