8 Things Chic Homes Have in Common
Jan 18, 2017 | By: admin

Creating a naturally elegant, style-centric and chic home calls for a few must-haves. From layers of lights to diverse textures, here are 8 things that all sophisticated and chic homes have in common:

1. Contrasting colours
Monochromatic homes have a timeless appeal but contrasting colors highlight the richness of the decor.People who have a refined taste always add a dash of contrasting color to their basic palette to give a new life to their interior decor.


2. A touch of Natural elements
Natural elements such as wood, woven linen, rattan furniture help create a cozy, warm, and comfortable atmosphere.Wooden floors and furniture, woven rugs bring in a rustic appeal. Also, including natural elements in the decor adds to its elegance and simplicity. In case you too want to install furniture in your home, always use borer proof plywood from Greenply, one of the leading plywood manufacturers in India Check our range of plywood at

3. Experiment with Textures
Combining and contrasting various textures can actually make your home gleam with style and opulence. From wool, lacquer and metals to silk, mix and match a variety of textures to bring a contrasting harmony in your decor. Install wool upholstery for a cozy comfort and metal fixtures for a shining richness.

4. Include Natural light
Effortlessly chic homes include lots of natural light to brighten its interiors.Roll the curtains away from the window and let the light flow in.In case you want a bit of privacy, use translucent curtains in your window.Installing oversized windows can also maximize the flow of natural light.

5. Layered Lighting
Layers of lighting can add a magical touch to your home and make it look effortlessly elegant.You will find lightings of different heights and lots of creative light fixtures in chic and elegant homes. This adds depth to the home and also helps customize the atmosphere of the home.

6. A focal point
All chic homes have a focal point that automatically draws the eyes. This focal point can be a built-in special feature of the home or something that has been intentionally placed to draw attention. For instance, an accented wall or an art installation this can add interesting detail to the room.

7. Personal touches
Stylish people with stylish home always love to leave an evidence of memory attached to their personal space. From a gallery of travel photos to handmade accessories, almost all chic homes are surrounded with something that demonstrates an exquisite sense of style personalized in the home decor.

8. Unexpected detailing
People with chic homes know that a thoughtful placement of unexpected details is what makes their homes special.Common items such as an artwork, a display of unique collectibles, a unique coffee table are a small detail that sets their decor apart from others.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you create a unique and effortlessly stylish and chic indoors that others will envy.

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