8 Ideas to Glam Up Your Bedroom with Plywood & Veneer Sheets
8 Decorative Ideas To Glam Up a Small Bedroom
Jun 30, 2016 | By: admin

With simple design hacks, you can add an eclectic and expressive style to your small bedroom. These ingenious decorative ideas will help you make every inch of your small bedroom count:

1. Play With Patterns
Bright colors and bold patterns to make your bedroom look more vibrant. If you want to stick to minimalist décor, patterned bed sheets and curtains add excitement to a room. Select a bold fabric and see how it changes your room!  

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2. Use space saving Furniture
When you are tight on space, look for unconventional home storage solutions. Ditch minimalist furniture items and say “yes” to multipurpose furniture such as bunk beds, compact desk/dressing table, beds with built in drawers and sofa beds. These offer practical storage solutions and keep clutter at bay. Squeeze the most out of a space with dual-purpose desks with drawers and cabinets.

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3. Decorate Your Walls
Use wallcovers to brighten up your room. You can choose from a wide range of patters, florals, geometrics and other colors that suits your personality the most. Check Greenteriors wallcovers http://greenplyplywood.com/21-greenteriors-wallcovers. You can also use bold patterns to distract one’s eyes from the tight space and make your small bedroom appear bigger and aesthetically pleasing.

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4. Add a Slice of Nature
If placed strategically, decorative plants can brighten up your small bedroom. Plant small house plants on windowsills. Small colourful tiny blossoms such as myosotis sylvatica (forget-me-not), sweet violet, viola moonlight or krauss spikemoss can instantly make a difference to the overall look of the room.

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5. Add Mirrors
Mirrors can create a sense of space in a small bedroom. Install a large floor length mirror in the front part of your closet. This breaks the visual clutter, intensifies light and makes your small space appear bright and big.

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6. Install a Mini Chandelier
Make a style statement with a small chandelier in your bedroom. This will light up your room and add more depth to the small space.
7. Creative Doors
Colorful doors are creative décor options for small bedrooms. You can check our doors- Green Doors, Green Club Doors, Green Ready Lines Flush Doors, Green Stellar Flush Door, and more here. Also check out Green Edge- A wide range of laminate veneered lumber door frames that offer better functionality & strength.  

8. Hang Longer Curtains
Create an illusion of a spacious room with clever window solutions. Hang long curtains that touch the floor, this gives depth to the room.

With these ideas you can maximize the space and glam up your small bedroom.

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