Top 7 Ways to Decorate a Teenage Bedroom
7 Ways to Decorate a Teenage Bedroom
Mar 26, 2019 | By: admin

If you are searching for ideas to decorate your teenage daughter or son’s room, then stop thinking like an adult. Collaborate with them and find what she/he loves. For a teenager, her or his room is not just a place to sleep. It’s a place that offers a teen unique space to focus on studies, hang out with friends, listen to music, be herself or himself unabashedly. For a teenager, a bedroom is like her or his oyster. Here are some teenage bedroom ideas that are practical and yet marvelous to wow your daughter or son:

7 ways to decorate a teenage bedroom

  • Find a theme: A teen’s bedroom is an expression of who she or he is. When brainstorming teen bedroom ideas, ask your daughter or son which color they love the most and is there any theme she or he wants to pick. Look for an idea that will make your child’s room more sophisticated than their childhood room but not too boring. If daughter loves ballet, you don’t have to paint the whole room with ballet dancers in beautiful tutus. A huge poster of a ballet dancer or an accent wall with a ballet dancer will be ideal to infuse inspiring energy into the bedroom.

  • Bright colors: For adults, a bedroom is a sanctuary of peace and tranquility. But for a teen, it’s a fortress of vibrant energy and independence. Removable wall decals and accent walls are a great way to add some colorful vibe to the bedroom.

  • Double duty furniture: A day bed or a single small bed is perfect for a teen’s room. It will not only make the room minimalist but your teen will also find it easy to clean. Plus daybed will leave a lot of space for bean bags and floor cushions for your teen and her or his friends. If your teenager shares her or his room with a sibling, a modern bunk bed with a full mattress beneath is practical yet incredibly stylish.

  •  A dedicated study:  A dedicated study: Swamped with homework and school projects, your child needs a designated space to study and place a computer or laptop. A study table with open shelves are great for teenagers to work on projects, assignments, and at the same time decorate with their favorite items.

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  • Max out the storage: It’s unlikely that your buy teenage child will keep the bedroom spic and span. Instead of letting the floor become a wasteland of dirty clothes, shoes, socks, old magazines, stuffed toys, and old gadgets, give them functional storage space. If your child’s room doesn’t have an in-built wardrobe, get them a huge dresser that can be used to stash away everything from their school bags to clothes. Use the table top for displaying their trophies, medals, decorative items like photos and mementos.  

  • Element of dreaminess: Use things like upholstery, headboards, and curtains to bring in color and a fun print. For a dreamy feel, choose pastel colors like peach, pink and lighter shades of green. Sheer curtains are ideal for a breezy feel. A printed upholstered headboard and fun throw pillows will introduce a sense playfulness into your child’s room.

  • A touch of uniqueness: Let imaginative elements give your child’s room a touch of uniqueness that will lend a sense of fun to the room. A swing, a round bed, a vision board, posters of favorite pop icons and a wall mounted fish tank are a great way to create an intriguing effect in your child’s room.

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