7 Items of Home Decor You Should Invest On!
7 Items of Home Decor You Should Invest On!
Sep 08, 2016 | By: admin

Be it an artwork or a timeless sofa set, there are a few items that you are going to keep forever. Such investments are going to pay both in terms of design and functionality.

Looking to Invest? Here is a list of items that are worth splurging on:

1. Lighting
You can invest in creative light fixtures and believe us this won’t cost you a fortune. Create a layering effect in your living space by installing ceiling, table, wall and floor lights. Use a dimmer to control the intensity of brightness to set the right mood. For a more artistic impact, install a chandelier. This will instantly elevate the space and add an interesting visual character to your decor.


2. A Cozy Sofa
On an average, a sofa has 10 years of lifespan. However, if you invest on a well-made sofa, it can serve you double the time period. The living room is a favorite gathering spot for a family time and nothing can make it more interesting than a cozy sofa set. A well-made upholstered sofa set and club chairs will last long and also, create an illusion of a larger floor space.

3. Kitchen Appliances
From microwave to blenders, kitchen appliances are something that you do not want to replace every three months. Invest properly to ensure that these items last pretty long.

4. Kitchen Table
This is one of the most important components of your kitchen. Kitchen tables are exposed to spills and scratches. A good quality kitchen table won’t succumb to years of abuse. Invest in a kitchen table made with fire retardant plywood. You can check out the product on http://greenplyplywood.com/plywood-blockboard/501-green-defender.html for making fire retardant kitchen table.

5. A Good Quality Mattress
After a hectic day at work, the only place to retire for the day is your bedroom. And a good quality mattress not only makes you feel comfy but also supports your posture so that you can smoothly slip into slumber. Take your time to find a good quality mattress. Do not think about the price if it helps to improve your quality of sleep. A good quality mattress ensures you wake up fresh in the morning, ready to take on the world.

6. Rug
Rugs made of good quality material can stand the test of time. If you are really in love with that particular Persian pattern, then why not invest in one that will last you for years to come?

7. Artworks
Artworks by some famous artists are always a good idea to invest on. They not only add to the look of your house but the value for most of them increases with every passing year, making it a valuable asset. You can choose from a variety of artists and the kind of work they do depending on your taste and budget.

Hopefully, this list has helped you identify items that you must invest on.

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