7 Home Decorating Trends with Greenply Plywood & Veneer
7 Home Decorating Trends That Are Here to Stay
Jul 14, 2016 | By: admin

Planning to completely refurbish your home? Looking for stylish and cool trends that will create a lasting impact? If yes, then you are reading the right article! There are a few home decor trends that’ll make the right impact!  
Home Decorating Idea

1. Shine with Metals
This will give a polished look to your living area. From metallic vases to candle jars, metals make your home glow. Add warmth to your living room by adding vintage metallic handles to the cabinets. Keep copper finish chairs in your kitchen or use brushed brass flower vases and see your home shimmer in style.
2. Embrace Nature
A hint of greenery at the corners of your living area can bring nature indoors. Grow a kitchen garden. Use the window sills to pot herbs. Fill the empty corners with houseplants such as snake plant, Aloe Vera, Anthurium or Peace Lily. These are easy to maintain and also adds color to your space.
3. Go Minimalist
Less is the new “more.” A de-cluttered minimalist decor gives your house a youthful look. This is a growing trend for healthy living. A minimalist decor gives you more space and is easy to maintain. Install enough storage cabinets in your living room and kitchen. Remember to use fire retardant plywood for your kitchen cabinets, shelves and table top. You can use our Green Defender Fire retardant ply. This plywood is safe for use in fire prone areas like the kitchen. Check fire retardant plywood specifications at http://greenplyplywood.com/plywood-blockboard/501-green-defender.html
4. Make Statement with Lights
Changing the lighting in your house can dramatically pep up your decor. An artistic light fixture can instantly give an interesting twist to your bland living room. Install crafted light fixtures or pendant style lighting or dramatic shapes to add a special touch to the interior decor.
5. Accessorize the Walls
This is another way of self-expression. Ditch the traditional patterns and go for abstract artworks and other expressive forms of designs that gel with your personality. Decorate the walls with collectables, family photos to personalize your space. Use stencils to create interesting patterns on the wall or install mirrors to make your space appear larger.
6. Choose Unusual Color Combos
Do not play safe with colors, rather experiment with unusual combinations.  
For instance, combine sage green with grey or go bright with sky blue and raspberry. For a soothing look, try mint green with mauve.
7. Get Sectional Sofas
This is a trend that will never get old. Sectional sofas are all about comfort. These are a great way to make your living room functional and introduce patterns as well.  
We hope that these tips will help you choose your ultimate home style and keep the boring out of your home.

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