7 Easy Ways to Embrace Simple & Smart Decor
Sep 22, 2016 | By: admin

The key to smart and simple home decor is smart use of space. Striking a perfect balance between comfort and style is no longer a mystery. Follow these simple ideas to give your home an amazingly simple yet chic look:

1. Cover the floor with a Rug
Be it under the coffee table or in your bedroom, rugs just fit in every space and instantly brighten your room. Choose a style that covers about 60% area of the floor. Keep the legs of the furniture off the rug. You can even keep the front legs on and the back legs off the rug.

2. Say Goodbye to Clutter
Create a clutter-free look by maximizing storage space. Make the best use of available space by installing inbuilt cabinets, cupboards, and open shelves. Designate cabinets to your family members and put all the things inside the respective cabinets. Use plywood for the cabinets and shelves. Greenply is among the best plywood brands in India. For our plywood products, check


3. Install multipurpose furniture
Installing multipurpose furniture is the most efficient way to organize your space. It serves two purposes- it amps up your home decor and helps you eliminate clutter. Items such as Murphy bed, matroshka furniture are chic, elegant, and are great space savers.

4. Play with Patterns
Don’t be afraid of playing with patterns. This is the best way to make your room vibrant. When choosing patterns, consider one standout for each room in your house. Be it a sofa, the walls, pillows, or rug - play with pattern in any one component of your room. Choose one bold pattern and mix it with a few understated patterns such as small stripes or cubes.

5. Be creative with Colour Palette
Be imaginative and creative with colors. Choose a cohesive color scheme for a simple yet classy look. Choose one color that will cover 60% of your room. Use two colors as an accent. To spice up your room, add a pop color which is brighter than the other colors. For instance, cover the walls with sky blue paint. Use royal blue and turquoise as accent colors. You can use lime green as a pop color.

6. Photo gallery
A photo gallery adds a personal touch to the decor. Pick a theme such as wedding or vacation. Choose your favorite photographs and hang them in identical frames. You can arrange them in a grid-like pattern or in any other geometrical shape.

7. Hang a classy Mirror
A good and designer mirror not only adds drama to your home decor but also makes it appear roomier. The trick is to choose a mirror that is three-fourth as tall as the wall. Place it opposite to a window to create an illusion of space and brighten up your room.

These simple yet smart decorating tips will help you make the best use of space in your home.

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