7 Tips to Decorate a Large Blank Wall
6 Tips to Decorate a Large Blank Wall
Jan 13, 2017 | By: admin

Are you clueless about how to decorate the large windowless blank wall in your home? Don’t be intimidated. A large blank wall is a perfect canvas for showing your creativity. Here are a few decor tips to turn that expressionless wall into something interesting:

1. Add beautiful Wall coverings
This is an interesting and inexpensive way to add character to a large blank wall. With a beautiful wall cover, your room instantly comes to life. It not only adds texture to the walls but also adds depth to your room. Now you can also buy wall coverings online from our wallcoverings section.


2. Add sparkle with Sconces

Add a little bling to the blank walls by installing elegant sconces in your walls. You can either buy an electric one or a candlelit sconce. These not only adds a light source to your blank walls but also create a sophisticated lighting patterns. You can create an interesting focal point with sconces by pairing them together or some other item such as mirrors or paintings.

3. Put up an art gallery
Spruce up the blank walls with a collection of your favorite paintings or photographs. Take prints of your favorite photographs or gather your favorite paintings. Frame them and then hang them at varying heights to create an art gallery.

4. Display favorite Quotes
You can easily find posters of your favorite quotes in the market. Put up a display of your favorite quotes on the wall. Another fun way of doing this is using patterned washi tapes to create an interesting display of your favorite quote. Use washi tapes of various colors and patterns to add more fun.

5. Spruce it up with plywood
Plywood can be used creatively to easily spruce up your walls. Cut the plywood in square shapes of all sizes. Install these plywood shapes on your wall to create a cool geometric effect. You can paint the plywood squares in vibrant colors or leave them as they are for a rustic look. You can use these plywood shapes as shelves to display your or your child’s creations or for hanging potted plants. Check out our wide range of plywood at http://greenplyplywood.com/28-products

6. Draw Attention with Artwork
Hanging unique accessories on the walls is the best and easiest way to grab attention. Hang an oversized artwork on the walls. An oversized painting by your favorite painter or an oversized photograph on the wall can immediately change the entire mood of your room. You can use wall sculptures or multi-piece installations to add interest in your walls. For instance, use multicolor butterfly installations across your wall. This will bring variation and won’t need any other decor.

7. Frame your Kid’s Artwork
Frame your child’s art projects and create a gallery on the wall. Use a variety of frames to make it more vibrant. This adds an interesting visual detail to the wall and creates an interesting focal point. This will also encourage your child to work harder.

With these ideas, you can easily infuse style and warmth on the boring empty wall at your home.

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