2022 Predictions: The Future of Interior Design
2022 Predictions: The Future of Interior Design
Oct 06, 2022 | By: admin

We are just a few days away from approaching the last quarter of the year. But before we bid 2022 goodbye for good, let us check if we have followed all the major decor trends this year!


Play Around with Shades of Brown 


Brown has caught the attention of modern home buyers for making interiors stand out among others. The brown colour complements any concept or theme in your home. So, experiment with colours without sticking to the neutral ones. Brown shade is something to look out for this festive season.



Add Vibrance to Homes with Pastel Hues


The interest of home buyers is shifting from time-worn white and beige colours towards pastel colours. So, if you do not want to go for bright colours, choose pastels that will welcome a unique vibe into your house. Beginning from the cooler greens and blues to the warmer yellows and pinks, pastels never fail to grab the limelight. Therefore, go for pop colours, which will become an attraction among your guests, making you stand out from the rest.



Switch to Smart Homes


Everybody wants a smart home, right? People are involved in making their home a smart one; by doing everything possible. Amazon Alexa and Google Home are some technical assistants that have transformed ordinary living into smart living.


Outdoor Furniture Adds Value


Nowadays, people are finding greater peace in an open environment. Naturally, they feel more inclined toward elevating the interiors of their balcony, verandahs, porches, patios, etc. You can add beauty to the outdoor environment by incorporating classy veneer wood furniture made from marine plywood, attractive outdoor paints, etc. Enjoy a cup of coffee sitting comfortably on your balcony after a stressful day away from the hustle-bustle of city life.



Multi-Functional Rooms Are in Trend


The popular trend is to have multi-functional rooms focused on the space they can utilise. Nowadays, you can easily find living rooms-cum-dining rooms as well as customised bars within the kitchen. And it doesn’t stop there! Living rooms opening into balconies are preferred by homeowners as it gives a breath of fresh air that is beneficial for the health of its residents.


Go for Eco-friendly Materials


Give something in return to mother nature by choosing eco-friendly products. Greenply offers plywood with zero-emission properties, which adds to your health. You can opt for Green platinum, a premium quality yet eco-friendly plywood, which is a fire-retardant and BWP plywood.


Proper Environment


A home is built keeping in mind the mental well-being of its residents. A room should be spacious enough for the residents. It lifts the lifestyle by providing them with a peaceful environment.


Go for Contrast Furniture


If your room has a dark-coloured background or is painted with pop colours, select light-coloured veneer wood furniture. On the other hand, if you have light-coloured walls like white or beige, dark-coloured veneer wood furniture can add contrast to the overall look of your modern interiors.



To cut a long story short, if you are looking to redesign or decorate your home this year, you couldn't have picked a better time. That is because you can consider the current trends as they are evolving to suit your needs. Adapt your spaces to reflect your own unique character while making them look and function better than ever.

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