Have a look at the 18 Home Decor Trends
18 Home Decor Trends for 2018
Jan 01, 2018 | By: admin

From bold geometric patterns to curved sofas, take a look at the biggest home decor trends of 2018: Plywood dealers in India

1. Natural Materials
Natural materials such as plywood, stone, granite will dominate 2018. Be it a plywood coffee table and chairs or granite table tops, these elements will bring a serene and organic ambiance in your home, bringing a piece of the outside world into your personal space.

2. Curved Sofas
Forget the sharp edges. 2018 is all about the curves. The curved sofas are a rage this year. It’s great for rectangular shaped rooms and fits in every corner.

3. Abstract Art
Abstract geometric artwork adds an exciting punch to your home decor. Get the boldest geometric art in the most vibrant colour. Juxtaposed with the simple or traditional decor of your home, it adds a contemporary twist.

4. Velvety touch
You think velvet is too old-fashioned? Well, it’s gaining lot of attention this year. Velvet furnishings add luxury and funk to your home. This is the most sought-after trends in 2018.

5. Floral patterns
Although this decor trend has been in here for a while; however, in this year, floral patterns will get a new facelift. 2018 will see exaggerated proportions and usage of contrasting colours to give a timeless appeal to this trend.

6. Copper Accents and mixed metals
Rose gold is the matter of past. 2018 will see a renewed interest in copper and other mixed metallic accents. The earthy hue of copper adds warmth to the space.

7. Rich and Vibrant Colour Palette
Although muted colours bring in a sense of calm in your space and make it appear less overwhelming but in this year, rich and vibrant colours will get the preference. If you have muted furnishing then rich colours on the walls can make them pop. Colours such as bold reds, yellows, and organic pinks and greens are the colours to look out for.

8. Black and White Decor
This is a timeless decor trend. Using Black and White colours in your decor brings a visual contrast in your living space. This brings a sense of balance and boldness to your home.

9. Geometric Patterns
In 2018, there will be an increased interest and a dramatic presence of this trend. The patterns will be oversized and the colours will get bold and richer. It’s a chic way to add interest to any room.

10. Statement Ceilings
2018 is the time to look up. This year, the focus will be more on the ceilings. Ceilings covered in bold colours and patterned wallpapers will be in vogue this year.

11. Houseplants for decor
Tropical interiors inspired by the nature are a hot trend. Colourful house plants with ornately decorated leaves are best for creative revivals. It’s not just the plant but the vessel that holds it also adds a creative touch to your home.

12. Refined farmhouse style
In 2018, people will embrace the farmhouse style. The rustic country style living with warm plywood details and cement elements will go urban this year.

13. Vintage Lights
2018 will see more vintage lights and pendants in metallic finish.

14. Statement floors
Unique and patterned flooring options are a great way to create a unique space.

15. Marbles
The 70s inspired marble decor will be back this year with lots of greys, black and white marbles for a dramatic touch.

16. Burnt Yellow
Bolder the better. Burnt yellow will be back this year.

17. Lilac is the new Pink
This dusty hue will be everywhere- walls, curtains, and furniture. This is soft yet sophisticated.

18. Bright Accessories
Colour in rugs, pendants, appliances, and furniture are the best ways to add colour pop to your room.

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