12 Kitchen Trends That Are Making A Statement in 2016
12 Kitchen Trends That Are Making A Statement in 2016 
Jul 02, 2016 | By: admin

Thinking to give a new look to your kitchen? If yes, then flip through the kitchen design trends that are dominating 2016:
1.Mixing is “in”
Forget about matching every piece in your kitchen. It’s time to mix up different elements. Experiment with textures such as wood, stone, metal to create a harmonising effect.
2. Think Wood
Add a classic rustic touch with wooden decor. Wooden cabinets, shelves, coffee tables will instantly warm up your kitchen. Make sure to use fire retardant plywood. Choose from our products such as Green Defender, this is termite-proof and fire retardant and is ideal for kitchen cabinets, shelves, and trolleys. For more details, check http://greenplyplywood.com/22-plywood
3. Metallic Touch
When it comes to kitchen decor, metals are an instant hit. Add a degree of sophistication to your kitchen with copper, brass and gold. Install copper pendant lights, brass handles for making a strong design statement.
4. Neutral Shades
The subdued hues are back with a bang in 2016. Neutral and calming shades such as brown, mint, white and muted Grey give a soothing appeal to your kitchen.
5. Geometric Shapes
This year, welcome patterns to your kitchen. Flooring with bold geometric motifs add excitement to your kitchen.

wallcabinet for kitchen
6. Go the “Sleek” Way
Say goodbye to the thick and heavy countertops and chairs and say “hello” to sleek. Refine the details of the kitchen with slender chairs and tabletops to give an edgy look to the kitchen decor.
7. Open Up the Shelves
The closed door concept is now past. Modern kitchens are all about open shelves. They are visually appealing and don’t look monotonous.

8. Go Natural
This style is catching up fast with people who want a touch of authenticity in their kitchens. Natural elements such as rattan, jute, bamboo have made a comeback. They give a nature-inspired look to the kitchen. Also, don’t forget kitchen plants - potted herbs and moss give an earthy feel to your kitchen.
9. Be Bold
When it comes to light fixtures, don’t feel shy to go bold because this is the latest trend. Oversized light fixtures and pendants give your culinary space a trendy look.
10. Maximize the Storage
The minimalist approach is fast catching up. Give a neat and clean look to your kitchen by maximizing the storage space. Install multi-tiered drawers and built-in cabinets to double the space.

11. Automated Details
Welcome technology to make your life easy. Sensor-activated lights, hands-free faucet, handle-less units that open at the flick of a switch lend a futuristic appeal to your kitchen.
12. Quartz Countertops
The latest trend indicates the growing popularity of Quartz. It is tough and durable; also it lends a natural appeal to the kitchen.
Hopefully, these kitchen trends will help you update your kitchen and glam it up.

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