10 Ways to Make a Big Statement in a Small Living Room
Aug 18, 2016 | By: admin

A small space doesn’t mean that it has to be cramped, cluttered and messy. With a few clever home decor tricks, you can make a big statement even in a small square foot area. Here are 10 ways that will help you do that:

1. Streamline Clutter

Start with clearing the clutter from your tiny living room. Install built-in cabinets, open shelves and multi-purpose storage furniture (such as a coffee table with sliding drawers). To use vertical space wisely install ceiling bookshelves. These storage ideas increase the functionality of your space and reduce clutter.

2. Colour-pop the Ceiling


Use colours to create an illusion of bigger and functional living room. Choose lighter colours for the floor and walls to give an airy feeling to your living room. Make a statement with colouring the ceiling in dark shades of your wall colour. For instance, if the wall colour is lavender blue then paint the ceiling in purple navy.

3. Say Goodbye to Window Curtains

Keep the windows uncovered, revealing the natural landscape outside. This adds a sense of depth to your small living room. Worried about privacy? Install Roman shades. This makes the windows appear less crowded.

4. Think Big

Small accent pieces clutter the room. Instead, choose fewer, but bigger decorative pieces. For instance, decorate the shelves with big colourful vases or decorative crockery. You can even keep one big furniture item (such as a statement sofa) in your living area to give it an uncluttered look.

5. Install Large Art Pieces

Make a bold statement with large art pieces. This adds drama to the walls and makes the room appear more expansive.

6. Make Statement with a Stylish Front Door

Doors are an essential part of a modern home design. They enhance the exterior and interior home decor. Select a signature style door for the living area. Choose from our wide range of doors at

7. Install Mirrors

Strategically placed mirrors can maximise the room space. Place an oversized mirror just opposite to the living room window. It reflects light and makes the space appear bigger. Make a statement with architectural style mirrors to pep up the walls.

8. Play with Light

Ditch the top-down lights; instead, use lamps to distribute the indoor light. Install decorative pendants, lamp shades across the room. This divides the living room into multiple zones and draws the eyes across space.

9. Use Furniture with exposed legs

This gives an illusion of more floor space. Also, you can use the area to store your magazine baskets and other things.

10. Bring Nature Inside

Bring outdoors indoor. This makes your living room appear lively. Keep Peace Lily, Polka Dot plants, Spider Plants, Boston Ferns or Indoor Boxwood to bring a breath of fresh air in your tiny space.

Use these tricks to make a statement in your tiny living room and make it appear vast.

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