10 Things Every 30-Something Needs in Their First Home
10 Things Every 30-Something Needs in Their First Home
Sep 05, 2016 | By: admin

By the time you are 30, you have already moved into adulthood. Of course, the first taste of real life comes with graduation and your first real job but you actually step into adulthood when you get the keys of your own apartment. Whether it’s a rented place or not, moving into your little suburban space is a real big deal. And that is why, it’s important to decorate it in a way that not only lasts long enough but also reflects your personal style.

If you are a 30-something and moving into your first home, then here are a few must-haves for your private haven:

1. Good Accent Chairs
Shift your focus from a sofa-setting and add drama to your interior decor with accent chairs. These not only give a touch of glam to your decor but also makes your space brim with loads of personality. Compared to couches, accent chairs showcase a more refined and edgy sense of luxury.

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2. Dining Table
Move beyond having your supper on the coffee table; instead choose a proper dining table. Get a good quality dining table that will last long. If you want to add warmth to your decor, go for dining tables made out of plywood. Use waterproof plywood for your dining table. Check out our wide range of water proof plywood at http://greenplyplywood.com/22-plywood

3. Artwork
Reflect your personal taste and interest by decorating your home with artwork of your choice. A tasteful artwork adds a wow factor to your decor. From classy pottery to interesting tapestry, decorate with interesting artwork.

4. A Good Pendant Light
Lighting is an important factor for any household. Say goodbye to the basic overhead lighting and make a style statement with a classy pendant light. These not only brighten up your area but also work as a decorative piece.

5. Indoor Plants
You need something to make your place appear lively and there is no better option than indoor plants. Place them on windowsills, bookshelves or tabletops, small bright plants infuse your space with ample freshness. Worried about maintenance? Keep colorful succulents then.

6. A Cozy Mattress
Nothing is more important than a good night sleep. Get a good quality mattress for that additional comfort to help you slip into slumber.

7. A Console Table
Be it a tiny apartment or a luxurious space, console tables are a must-have for an easy storage solution. You can put them anywhere you want. These are “catchalls” for your keys, junk mails, jewelry and other small things.

8. Bath Towels
Matching bath towels are a must-have for your bathroom. Get additional sets if you are expecting frequent guests.

9. Throw Blanket
These gives a cozy touch to your bed, chair or couch and also double as an embellishment for your furniture.

10. A Bookshelf
Consider this space for displaying your personality and taste. Be it books or piece of art, a bookshelf is a must-have for your home.

Hopefully, you find these tips useful for planning your interior decor. We are one of the leading plywood manufacturers in India. If you’re looking for good quality plywood products then check our products at greenplyplywood.com

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