10 Pieces to Transform Your Backyard with Help of Greenply
10 Pieces to Completely Transform Your Backyard
Aug 22, 2016 | By: admin

Want to creatively utilize your backyard? From landscaping to creating a personalized space, here are a few ideas that can give a complete chic facelift to your backyard. Take a look:

1. Create a Gathering Spot

Backyard is a great place for family gathering. Give it a personalized touch by installing wooden seating arrangements. Keep a wooden centre table along with a few chairs. Decorate the place with a statement sculpture to make it look expressive. Use exterior grade plywood for the table and chairs. It will protect your outdoor furniture from moisture (rain water or snow). Use waterproof plywood such as Green Club Plus Plywood and Green Club Plywood from Greenply. Check our products at http://greenplyplywood.com/22-plywood

2. Decorative Lights

Why not brighten the space with decorative lights? Wrap light strips around the trees or hang decorative light chains in your backyard. This simple trick will completely transform your backyard.

Backyard plywoods

3. Add texture

If you have backyard furniture, then experiment with patterns and textures. Throw colorful patterned pillows. This will instantly brighten up your backyard and add warmth to it.

4. Introduce a water element

A small fountain or a small fish garden helps provide a perfect accent to your backyard. These can be used as a center of attraction. Install these decorative pieces in your backyard to give it a fresh appeal.

5. Install Shades

Oversized garden umbrellas are eye-catching and also cover a large area of your backyard. If you have a small seating arrangement, then normal garden umbrellas are perfect for protecting your outdoor furniture. Otherwise, install large patio umbrellas to make your backyard cozier.

6. Add a Fire Element

Install backyard built-in fire pits for creating your own camping experience. You can gather here for late-night chats or for catching a drink post-dinner. This can also be a gathering spot during cold nights.

7. Rocks and Pebbles
Rocks and pebbles of various sizes and textures are an interesting design element for your backyard. You can strategically use the empty space in your backyard by putting a few rocks here and there and teaming them with shrubs and succulents.

8. Hang a Hammock
Nothing can relax you more than a smooth swing on your hammock as you watch the night sky brighten up with stars. This can be your personal oasis to escape the outside world and unwind your senses.

9. Minimalist Decor
Make “more” out of “less” by creative minimalist outdoor decor ideas. Keep a few brightly colored metal chairs and a small bistro table to add a colorful punch to your backyard space.

10. Rug
Like your indoor space, rugs can also create a unifying effect in your backyard. Install outdoor rugs to wow your guests.

With these ideas, you can easily transform your backyard into a cozy beautiful corner.

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