10 Ideas to Bring the Beach to Your Home with Greenply Ply
10 Natural Ideas To Bring The Beach To Your Home
Jul 09, 2016 | By: admin

“On the beach, you can live in bliss.” - Dennis Wilson

So true! The very thought of walking on sandy beach watching the sun set brings on a sense of calm and tranquility. Watching the soft waves caressing the shoreline is a sight to behold.

 Bring The Beach To Your Home

You might think that the people who live by the seashore are lucky. However, do you know that you too can bring beach indoors? With these simple home decor tricks, you too can bring a feeling of seaside in your home:
1. Paint it Blue, Because Blue represents sea
From turquoise to deep cobalt - play with different shades of blue –Keep the walls white and use blue as an accent color. For instance, if you are using Cerulean for the walls, then highlight the cabinets with angelic blue.
2. Use Seashells for Decoration
Display seashells on the shelves. The hallway and living room are ideal to display shells of different sizes. If you have placed dark finish furniture items then seashells can add a contrasting effect. You can also frame the seashells and display them on the walls. Also, seashell adorned centerpieces for the dining table or coffee table can add a taste of ocean to your home!
3. Sea Glass Vase
Paint a clear glass bottle in frosty blue shades and keep fresh flowers. Add a personal touch by putting a personalized message in a rolled sheet of paper.
4. Say “Yes” to Jute
Jute is an excellent material to add a coastal touch to your home decor. Use jute carpets, rugs, furniture cover to warm up your home decor.
5. Use Plywood Front Doors
Create a beach house effect with a plywood front door. Try giving it a driftwood look by covering it with ocean-inspired colors. If you are looking for good plywood door, then choose from our Green Club Doors, Green Doors, and Green Doors Stellar. For more information, please visit site.

Plywood Front Doors
6. Sea-themed Artwork
Stunning artwork can turn a plain and boring home decor to special and magical. Hang an oversized painting of a drifting ship or boat in your living room. Create a gallery in the hallway displaying paintings of ships, sea or coastal towns. This will add a coastal effect to your home.
7. Rope for Home Decor!
For a beach-inspired look turn a plain rope into a decorative material. Keep knot rope table lamp in your living room or bedroom. Use rope handrails for the staircase. If you have thick beams in your home, try wrapping it up with rope.
8. Bring Nature Inside
For a more tropical and coastal look, keep indoor palm trees such as Parlour Palm, Kentia Palm and Slender Lady Palm.

plywood for garden table
9. Whitewashed Mirror
Want a sea-inspired decor? Try mirrors with driftwood frames for sun-washed and beach-y feel.  
10. Wooden Furniture
Give the cabinets and wardrobe a worn wood look. Try distressed paint to give it a weathered look.

Home Decorating Idea
Can’t go to the beach? No worries, bring beach inside your home with these cool tips.

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